C Rings, Glans Ring & Ball Weight:  A Heavy Metal Review!  (Part I)


It's great to be triple-ringed!  Ball weight, cock ring and glans rings combine to make a triple-ring sexual sensory overload!  All of this gear from gear essentials is made in the USA of solid stainless steel and is built to last!

The customer pictured below (and in Part II tomorrow) is wearing some seriously HEAVY METAL!


Stacked Bolt & Imperial C Rings, Titan .4 Glans Ring & 24 Oz. Ball Weight:  A Seriously Heavy Metal Review


Andy is a customer of gear essentials many times over.  He writes:

"It looks like...Post was able to get the rings and things here.  So I decided to try them out and took some pics, so hopefully for your viewing pleasure, I've attached a couple.  I love them."

You can tell that Andy loves them, can't you?

Andy is stacking two cock rings, the Omega Mirrored finish and the Bolt.  These two, worn together, have a bandwidth of slightly over 1"and weigh 14 ounces (400 grams). When I wear multiple rings I often will wear a Nitrile cock ring in between them to act as a 'bumper'.  The great thing about this is that you can customize your look, how much weight you want and how you want your combination to feel.


A Heavy Metal Review:  A Close-Up of Andy's 24 Oz. Ball Weight & Omega & Bolt C Rings


A lot of guys have the same reaction as Andy:  the second they wrap their cock & balls in solid stainless steel they pop a woody!  (Not that we're complaining!)  The gear is doing what it is supposed to be doing:  restricting blood flow so that your dick is thicker, harder and longer.

The ball weight doesn't restrict blood, but it does delay and prolong orgasm--and that is an amazing feeling.  It also provides a tug and twist when worn throughout the day that is deliciously erotic.  And if you want a longer ball sac, when worn regularly a ball stretcher will help make that a reality.

Andy is wearing the 24 Ounce ball stretcher.  It has a bandwidth of 1 1/2" inches.  If you are considering wearing a ball stretcher for the first time, an 8 ounce weight is a great first step.  It is easier to get on (these are connected by a single Allen screw--which can seem daunting but they are much more secure than a magnetic-style ball stretcher), are comfortable for all-day wear and are an excellent choice for stacking.  

What is stacking?  This is a great method to move up to the next size ball weight.  A lot of guys report that sex and orgasms are hugely improved when wearing heavier ball weights.  When you are ready to move to the next size, just slide an 8 ounce ball weight (or the new wider interior diameter Omega Split Ring) above your existing weight and keep stretching your ball sac out.  It's a great way to grow and is often much easier than getting your balls through the interior of a larger bandwidth stretcher.


Up Close & Personal:  Andy's Thickening Dick with C Rings, Ball Weight & Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials


Andy continues:  "Now my only problem is that I find that the .2 titan is the only one that really works for when I'm hard and when I'm not. My penis narrows just before the glans quite a bit so the thicker rings tend to really push up toward the end of it.  Also, I've found that it's hard to find the best size.  When I'm flaccid, I find even the 1 ⅛ sometimes feels like its going to fall off in my underwear, but when I get hard, like I mentioned before the thicker rings tend to not really fit.  Is this a common thing, or is it just me?  THanks again.  Cheers."

It's not just Andy, glans ring sizing is perhaps the trickiest measurement we work with.  Some guys really like buying all the sizes in a particular style because they wear one size for going to work under their boxers (so they can enjoy the erotic tickle and run of the ring as they move throughout their day), one size as a shaft ring and then one size to wear for sex (when they are hard).  This is particularly true when your penis flares down towards the head of your dick like Andy's.

A glans ring is held on by the corona (the widest part of your dick head) so if it isn't wider than your shaft, the ring isn't going to stay on very well.

I have a pronounced head so I can comfortably wear the same size glans ring whether hard or soft-although when hard, there is a great deal of pressure around the end of my dick.  I find this sensation very pleasurable and it enhances sex for me (a lot of guys have shared that this is true for them as well).  Based on our research it appears that compression at this point of the shaft is not dangerous (lots of spongy material here).  I am also continually amazed at how big my dick head gets when wearing a glans ring--even though I'm already wearing a cock ring.  Just as a penis ring restricts blood flow in your dick, the glans ring does the same for your dick head.  It's amazing--both for yourself (increased sensitivity) and your partner (a knob that WILL be felt!)

(You will see Andy's Titan .2 in tomorrow's blog.)


The Whole Show -  From Left to Right:  
Omega Mirrored Cock Ring, Bolt Cock Ring, 24 Oz. Brushed Finish Ball Weight & Titan .4 Glans Ring


It's a lot of metal--but that metal adds up to a lot of pleasure!  Mix, match and discover what gives you and your partner the greatest pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Andy.) 



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