The Omega C Ring:


You may get sick and tired of us bragging about the mighty Omega cock ring.  Crafted in the USA of solid stainless steel, this baby is gear essentials' heaviest cockring.  Designed in the shape of a 'low-fat' donut, it doesn't pinch or pull and is the ultimate in manly comfort.  We--and many of you agree--absolutely love this penis ring!  Mac (quoted below) writes that: "My wife loves it too.  She got on top and kept grinding her clit into that massive metal ring.  She kept going even after I was spent."

(Anyone else need a cold shower now?)


An International Mr. Leather (IML) Customer Chubbed Up in His Omega C Ring by gear essentials


We recently received the following unsolicited e-mail from gear essentials' customer, Mac:  "I received my Omega cockring in the mail yesterday. Holy shit it is awesome!! The weight and feel are freaking off the chart! My wife loves it too. She got on top and kept grinding her clit into that massive metal ring. She kept going even after I was spent. Keep up the great work, guys!!! Wish I could share a picture of it in use!"

So do we, Mac.  So do we!

We love this vivid testimonial of a woman's enjoyment of her man's gear.  We had stumbled on a website with the following question and answer this past week.  Mac's wife's opinion provided a stunning contrast to the advice given here!  The question was posted:

Do woman enjoy cock rings?

Their answer:  Well, not exactly. Cock rings keep the penis harder longer, especially in older men, so women would probably enjoy the firm erection, but they really wouldn't come into contact with the cock ring which is usually worn round the base of the penis and under the testicles.

We're not sure who they have been talking to.  The vast majority of women we have met have told us in no uncertain terms that they LOVE their man wearing a cock ring.  Some, like Mac's wife, really enjoy the weight and heat of the Omega. Others say the Imperial hits them better.  It's all a matter of personal physiology and position.  And we all know that when Mamma is happy--everybody's happy!

How many of you would love for your wife/partner/spousal unit/trick to keep grinding even after you are done?  Is this the stuff of fantasy?


Keeping it Thicker with the Brushed-finish Omega Cock Ring by gear essentials


In the pictures shown here (which are from IML, NOT pictures of Mac) you can see that this GearFan is well-chubbed in his Omega penis ring.  The brushed stainless steel finish of the Omega looks sexy nestled and just begs to be touched.  (It also comes in a mirrored finish.)  This ring is one of our heaviest at 11 ounces (312 grams).  As Mac wrote both straight and gay folk report that their partners love the feeling of this cock ring during sex.  It adds weight to the thrust and depending on positions can hit erogenous zones in just the right way.  We suspect that this one (pictured above) can be quite the hot daddy!


A Handful of ManMeat in His Omega Cock Ring


Just a note that when ordering the Omega:  you can easily wear one size smaller.  Because of its round donut-shape, there isn't that much of the cockring that actually connects with your penis when you are flaccid. In addition, the weight wants to pull it down your shaft when you are flaccid (dang GRAVITY!)  I wear a size smaller in the Omega and it fits and feels great! 

Keep your cock harder and ready for action.  When you have it on you know they'll want to reach out and touch...and rest assured that your partner will love it too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos by Jay Williams.) 



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