Have you ever heard the expression, "Man, has HE got a big set of balls!"  In our culture big balls are equated with guts and masculinity.

Some guys are just built high and tight.  We see this a lot with younger guys as well as men who are taking hormones (one of the side effects is the shrinking of your ball sac).  For both groups, a ball weight is a great solution.


This First-timer at International Mr. Leather is Starting with an 8 Ounce Ball Stretcher


Most of the men we talk with want to start with the biggest ball weight.  But it's all about baby steps!  The GearFan pictured above is fitted out in his first ball weight--the 8 ounce.  This is the smallest size--and has only a 1/2" bandwidth.  It is by far the easiest size to manage for the first-timer.  The first time I put it on it felt like it took me ten minutes.  Now I can pop one of these babies on in ten seconds!

We just received the following review from Rider2012 in Toronto, Canada.  He writes: "I have the complete set of ball weights right up to the big 32 oz model and I like them all. I started stretching my Balls about 5 years ago and have always used the Gear Essential product for as long as I can remember.

"Getting the first ball weight on is always a challenge but once you have done this you can easily graduate to the size you like the best. My advice, do not be afraid to experiment sometimes it takes a while to graduate from size to size, the first time I tried the 32 oz it did not go well, but persistence paid off.

"These are ball weights you will have for decades."


This Sexy Stud is Feeling Strong in His Split Ring Ball Weight by gear essentials


Rider's not kidding; gear essentials' ball weights will last for a very long time.  They are built tough (just like the folks who make 'em!)  

A business consultant recently asked who gear essentials' competition was. We have a lot of copy-cats in the market but as far as quality, we haven't found anyone better.  He smiled and said, "Your problem is that they are made too well."

We know that a lot of products are designed to wear out.  But that's not our style.


The First Step of a Life Time of Pleasure:  the 8 Ounce Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


It's possible that the GearFan pictured above could have fit into the 16 Ounce ball weight (the next size up).  However, this is an easier first step--and it's amazingly comfortable for all day wear. (I have worn this for 24 hours a day in the past with no negative side effects.  I will admit that I had very erotic dreams though!)


A View of a 32 Ounce (2" Bandwidth) Ball Weight.


We thought we should post a picture of a guy wearing a 32 ounce weight (2” bandwidth).  How’s that for a goal?

But you don’t stretch that far overnight.  You can stack your 8 ounce ball weight on top of another weight to continue to stretch your ball sac or you can try the NEW wider Omega Split Ring--it's width easily accommodates your dick where it flares out to meet your torso.

Regardless of the size you choose, you will embark on a journey of great sensual pleasure--and a set of BULL BALLS!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos 1 – 3 by Jay Williams; Photo 4 submitted by customer.)


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There is nothing like the feel of a ball weight, except the feeling of being tied up and having one clamped on. :)

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