What Lies Beneath....


I have never been a crotch-watcher but I know a lot of folks who check out packages!  If you want to show your junque off to its best advantage, there really is nothing like a cock ring to help you do it.  I used to think it was cheating but I was told by a GearFan at this past International Mr. Leather (IML) that it's just enhancing what we've got!

The customer from IML in the pictures below picked up the new Hold.  I thought this was a pretty cool example of 'package enhancement'!


What Lies Beneath:  A Full Package Under His Spandex Singlet


To clarify, spandex or lycra will also enhance your package so this guy is going the extra....err...mile!  Regardless, you can see that he has an impressive bulge.


What Lies Beneath:  It looks like it's about "1:30"!  Hard in His HOLD!


Not only does a cockring pump up your pecker (the science:  blood is restricted in your prick so even when flaccid you remain harder, thicker and fuller) but it increases your self-awareness.  I love the sensual feeling of my flaccid dick in a cock ring.  It's as if all the sensual nerve endings are on high alert--every move, every brush of fabric against skin sends an erotic trill up my spine.  It brings a hyper awareness of sexual fertility.

Magnifying your added pump is the fact that a cock ring brings your package up, front and center.  Your balls don't retreat into your core or hide down by your taint, they are lifted up.  Everything is right there for the discerning eye to check out.


What Lies Beneath:  The Hold Cock & Ball Cage by gear essentials


And here's the culprit!  

Check out the HOLD if you want something wider, bolder & bigger.  It has a 1.5" (38 mm) bandwidth (our widest) and is available in three interior diameters [1 3/4" (44.5 mm), 1 7/8" (47.6 mm) and 2" (50.8 mm)] so you can lock up your cock and balls in a wide cylinder of quality stainless steel.  With this ring you can rock a wider cock ring yet allow your balls to drop through, hang free and not feel like they are pulled up to your chin.

We'll admit that this new piece of man-gear was inspired by hot memories of sweaty wrestling matches, steamy locker rooms and coach in his tight polyester shorts.  This may take you back and remember those tight, warm Full Nelson holds!  You can squirm but this is one firm grasp that will not let you go!

We recently received the following e-mail from Jim:  "Love the Hold - It’s a perfect blend of grab and pull - Can't say enough and you can quote me on that. Ripped it out of the box and used it without delay."

Grab and pull--sign me up for that!



What Lies Beneath:  Exposed & Begging to be Grabbed! (And it will be!)

Be patient with yourself when putting it on for the first time. Slip the larger half over your cock and balls and push it snugly against your pubes with the slotted side down.  Let your balls drop through the wide slot and then slide the head of your dick through the outer ring.  Pull the two halves together so you can line up the screw with the hole (now there's a life theme for ya!)  Hand tighten the two screws until The Hold is firmly locked down.  (The two halves have to be aligned for the screws to go in smoothly.)  

Based on our experience (and customer feedback), getting into The Hold gets much easier with practice!


What Lies Beneath:  Hard & Firm--like a Torpedo!


Note that the band closest to your pubes is the wider of the two rings--this allows you to get most of your balls in the indentation (wide slot) before securing the outer ring to minimize the risk of pinching.  The outer ring tapers to a narrower opening which adds weight and acts as a shaft ring.  (There's that "push & pull"!)  For some this gives an increased shaft pressure that they have never experienced before.  Like any ring, it restricts blood flow in your dick so your shaft gets even bigger.  The feedback on this feature has been hugely positive.


What Lies Beneath:  It's Hard to Keep a Hard Man Down--especially with the HOLD!


Can You Jack with It?

You can but you will notice that you only have room for a shorter stroke.  Remember that the ring is covering 1 1/2 inches of your dick.  Depending on your preferred masturbation technique this may or may not matter.  For example, if you get off on the knob twist, you are still good to go.  We found that it forced us to be creative and try some different techniques--it was all good!


Can You Fuck with It?

We have heard a couple of responses:

  • "No thanks, I want more depth to my fuck and this is cramping my style."
  • "I love it, the combination of cock ring and built in shaft ring made me HUGE and the fucking is fucking awesome!"
  • One IML customer stopped back to report that he took the outer ring off for fucking--this gave him the room he needed for the depth of thrust that he and his partner enjoy while the base ring gave him the support and fullness he likes.




What Lies Beneath:  Just One More Touch...


So what lies beneath your gear?  It might be the firm grip of the Hold or maybe the comforting weight of the Omega. 

Regardless of your choice, rock it and experience the pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:    The Hold Cock & Ball Cage:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/the-hold-cock-ball-cage



(Photos by Jay Williams.)






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