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I've been having a conversation via e-mail with Abe about his latest purchase:  The Titan .2 glans ring.

Customers frequently ask if head rings work when uncircumcised.  They do.  And they work well!

He wrote:  "I love it! Keeps the foreskin retracted and keeps my head exposed! When I'm flaccid the foreskin can cover up the ring from the front, but is still retracted. Perhaps a ring with silicone at the bottom would be good for keeping the foreskin completely pinned down. Would love to test some out!!"

We thought some pictures (they're worth a thousand words) might help illuminate how effective a glans ring can be for the natural member.  (These photos are of a long-time customer and were taken at International Mr. Leather in 2013.)


There's a Faint Outline...He's Hard & Erect, Head Partially Revealed...
His Foreskin Pulled Back--You Can See a Glimmer of Metal


It's under there--hiding beneath his foreskin!  Uncut guys tell us that a glans ring offers an even more intense feeling because all the nerves are so much more sensitive when you are natural. 



Fully Retracted.  He Proudly Displays His Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials


Abe loves it and you will too!

You have to love the way this head ring looks--it is beautiful and feels great hanging on your dick!  The added weight of the solid stainless steel Titan .2 means you will notice each bob and sway of your pendulous prick.  We keep hearing it--and we agree--it's like a mini hand job in your pants!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Titan .2 Glans Ring:


(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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