Review: Anodized Half Screw,

We love the Half Screw Cock Ring.

Like all of its ROBO Ring siblings (Full Screw, Plunge, Surge, Total Plunge and Quarter Screw) these rings are amazingly lightweight and comfortable (they feature gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear).

When we decided to dip them to create colorful Anodized versions, we were definitely having a good brain-wave day!

I think Scorpicio from Ohio agrees.  He recently posted the following review about his Anodized Half Screw:  "My purchase of the RED HALF SCREW was definitely a win! I've loved this ring since the moment I opened the package, it's a bad ass look, lightweight, and comfy most of all! Im a bit of an exhibitionist and was looking for a cockring that didn't just look like a device and this ring with its intense red color was exactly what I wanted, the look of this ring catches the eye and enhances greatly!"


A Bad Ass Look: The Anodized Half Screw by gear essentials


This ring was designed to be noticed! And it’s great for everyday wear. Slightly over one half inch in width, the Half Screw cockring makes for a pronounced bulge in your jeans, under a suit or in your leathers. Made of premium light-weight aluminum, you might just forget you have this cock ring on--except for the fact that your dick is fuller and has a bit more schwing than usual! In road-testing we found that this size was comfortable in tight jeans or underwear.


What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process in which a coat of color is added to the solid aluminum ring. The process finishes the metal and is environmentally-friendly. The by-products contain no heavy metals, halogens or volatile organic compounds. In addition to vibrant color, the process hardens the surface and thereby increases corrosion- and wear-resistance.


This ring is available in red (sadly, only one size, the 1 3/4", is available right now) and blue (available in all sizes).  We also carry the Full Screw, Surge and Quarter Screw rings with anodized finishes as well.

You can be a bad ass in comfort too!  Get yours today! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Jay Williams.)



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