The Ultimate in Versatility to Get Your BEST Stretch!


A few days ago I wrote a blog on ball stretching and why guys do it.  For a lot of men, a big ball sac is a key sign of masculinity.  But there are so many other reasons for wearing a ball weight. 

Many of you have e-mailed in frustration that your balls are high and tight.  This has meant that you could only wear a smaller bandwidth ball stretcher and you were afraid the ball stretching progress would be far too slow.

But no more!

For a quicker stretch you can now pop an Omega Split Ring on TOP of your existing ball weight. The guy pictured below did it and you can see that he is VERY happy with the results!


Versatile Combo:  The 8 Ounce Ball Stretcher & Omega Split Ring from gear essentials
Over 1 Pound of Heft!


The Omega Split Ring was just introduced but we are starting to get reviews and responses from users.  Last month Harrison from Oklahoma posted the following on  "Hey Jay really enjoying the split ring. I've set [it] on [top of] the 16 oz. I've got and works great.  used as a cock ring I was solid and veiny. So much I felt it scraping along my woman's vag. wall. It was so engorged she couldn't fit her mouth around it. I've ordered the next size down for more fun. I'm waiting on the 24oz. Piston to come back in stock. The ring is easy to get on and off. Get one they're very versatile."

One of the reasons Harrison gets so veiny when wearing the Omega Split Ring is that he can wear a smaller than normal size.  Instead of trying to slip his balls through the ring, he can just screw it around the base of his dick for a better fit--which keeps his cock thicker and harder! 

The Omega Split Ring IS versatile--and this concept is very cool.  To best illustrate this, I am repeating some pictures from past blogs--all of these were shot at this past International Mr. Leather in Chicago.


The Ultimate in Versatility:  The Omega Split Ring as a Traditional Cock Ring



Cock Ring

As you've seen in the picture above, the Omega Split Ring is great as a cock ring.  But for those of you nervous about getting stuck in your rigid cock ring, don't worry about it! Just unscrew it and you are free!  (But to clarify:  We've found that this fear is overblown.  Yes, sometimes it happens but it's nothing a cold shower and thinking about your parents having sex won't cure.)

The Omega Split Ring is basically an Omega--in two halves. One half of the ring has a male/female connector.  The other side is secured with an Allen screw (wrench included and it’s super easy to secure).  The Omega Split Ring provides all of the benefits of a rigid metal cock ring--without any of the paranoia.  You can see in the picture above, it pulls his cock and balls forward, up and front.  It is keeping the blood flow in his cock so he stays thicker and fuller--even when flaccid.  

We LOVE the Omega because of the extra weight it gives us while fucking.  This is consistently womens' favorite cock ring on their men. BUT we always recommend that guys go one size smaller when wearing this ring.  Because of its donut-shape, very little of this ring actually touches your penis.  And, with the added weight, there is a tendency for it to want to drift down your shaft (gravitational pull) when you are flaccid.  (So not cool.)  Now you can screw it on and get the perfect fit for totally engorged erections!  Don't worry about not being able to get your big balls through the hole OR not being able to get it off because it works too well!  Just unscrew it!  


 A GREAT Example of 'High & Tight':  Wearing the 8 Ounce Ball Weight with 1.25" Diameter



Ball Weight

The Omega Split Ring comes in two interior diameters:  1-3/4" or 1 7/8".  This means it is generally too large to hang on most balls all by itself (unless you are one of the REALLY big boys), but put a regular ball stretcher underneath it and you can really go to town (see Harrison's quote above). 

The photo above shows a customer who is new to ball weights.  His ball sac is the poster child for 'high & tight' so all we could fit (with traditional weights) was an 8 ounce ball weight.  But he wanted more stretch and weight.  So we added an Omega Split Ring.


 Versatility:  Stacked 8 Oz. Ball Weight + the Omega Split Ring for Over a Pound of Pull


This made him very happy!  We were able to comfortably add more weight--despite the fact that he has very little drop to his ball sac! The photo above shows him wearing slightly over a pound of weights on his high and tight balls (they won't be for long!)  It's much easier to put on than another ball stretcher because the interior diameter is wider.  (Our packages flare out as they get closer to our pubes. The Omega Split Ring takes this into account and provides room for your natural anatomy.)  

Does it get any better than this?!  Now you can get YOUR best stretch!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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