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We just received the following review from Mark--right here in our hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota (on top of the middle of the US' Lower 48 and right under Canada)!  He is pretty pumped about the new Omega Split Ring--it doubles as a cock ring and a ball stretcher!

"Love having a local company make great and unique products. My husband and I have a few of your cock rings and weights. I love this cockring/ball weight combo! We also have the regular omega cockring (one brushed and one mirror) and they are awesome! The weight feels great and fits well too! Thank you again!"

We love being here--and making quality gear with pride in the US.

The picture below is NOT of Mark.  It's one of our horny (but happy) customers from International Mr. Leather!  He wanted to get his stretch on--so he added the Omega Split Ring to his new 8 ounce brushed-finish ball weight.  When stacked together he gets over a pound of twist, tug, pull and stretch on his nads!  If it gets too heavy he can just slide the head of his dick through and wear the Omega as a cock ring.  

The Omega Split Rings works so well as a ball weight when stacked because it is wider to fit our widening junque above the ball weight.  If you don't have enough 'drop' to your ball sac you don't need to worry.  We'll help you feel the pleasure AND stretch faster!


Awesome!  Omega Split Ring Stacked on Top of the 8 Ounce Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


You don't need to experience the pleasure of wearing ball weights--but why would you deny yourself?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




    (Photo by Jay Williams.)



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