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If you are looking for better sex you will experience a giant leap forward by just inserting a finger deep into your ass and twerking.

A lot of guys have a healthy fear of their butts.  The most common comment is that this is where shit comes from.  


That's why we are advocates of taking the time to thoroughly clean things out (although some folks get off on just the opposite!)

Inside your anus is an amazing gland called the prostate (or P-spot).  Having your prostate manually stimulated gives you the feeling of being on the edge of orgasm--and not just the edge, but it seems to go on and on as long as that little baby gets stroked. It sparks the endless “O”. Oh—but read on!

We have used this diagram in past blogs, but it really helps us visualize exactly where this love knob is located.


Where & How the Prostate  Works:  Just Reach in & Touch!


A lot of men (straight, gay and in between) feel a little shame and more than a little protective of their back door. I suspect that if we could see it and reach it as easily as our dicks we would play with it more. But instead there is this mysterious orifice that is always following us (lovingly placed in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle of out-of-this world erogenous pleasure between two beautiful mounds of flesh, the intersection of inner thighs and at the end of perineum raphe starting at the ball sack) doomed to be neglected. 



Using the Glass Wand to Create a Little Sexual Magic - Heat it Up or Cool it Down!


As erogenous as this territory is, you can hugely increase sexual pleasure and intensity by going INSIDE. Inside your ‘love canal’ is this very magical button. Push the button (or rub, or stroke) and amazing sensations start to pulse and speed through your entire body. Pre-cum starts to ooze out of your urethra.  Your body is experiencing new sexual highs.

I am continuously amazed at how our hands END where our major erogenous zones start—penis, vagina, rectum. Was this great design or what?! If you want to test out the magic P-spot just reach around, stick your finger in and massage your Male G-spot yourself. It's simple, hugely rewarding and free!  It it's your first time, try it in the shower. Your body gets warm and relaxed and you have plenty of soap as lubricant.

You may find that the ring around your butthole is really tight.  Don't force it.  Just soap up and gently stroke the outer edges.  You will probably find that your dick starts jerking to life. Slowly but surely your anal ring will start to relax and you will be able to slip a finger gently inside.  You will discover that your love canal is warm and velvety smooth.  Take some time to just explore and get to know your body.  Remember, this IS YOUR body!  Enjoy it!

You will quickly discover what feels good to you. If you aren't sure of what to do, just bend slightly at the knees and reach either around your back or down and between your legs. Use one hand to brace yourself against the shower wall as you lean forward. With the other hand, cup and extend your 'fuck you' finger (your longest) and stick it in. If you are reaching between your legs, this works well because your prostate is up and beneath your dick. You can easily reach this if you curl your finger back towards your wrist after you insert it into your rectum. (Remember that hand that is bracing you against the shower wall? Trust us; it won’t be on the wall for long. Very soon you will be stroking your dick and enjoying the amazing sensations coming from your core.)


Finding Your P-Spot in a Nice Hot Shower


(If you find that this is a bit uncomfortable at first, remember that this is your first time and your body is not used to it.  You may feel a bit ‘invaded’.  In addition, remember that sex is really a brain activity.  You may find that you cannot get past the societal stigma.  Relax and allow yourself to enjoy these amazing new feelings.  And don't judge!)

When you find that knob, wiggle your finger back and forth slightly. What feels good to you? Make sure you attempt to relax your rectum as much as possible or you will be fighting yourself. An effective method to do this (beyond enjoying the hot shower) is to push out on your rectum as though you were about to have a bowel movement. When you find the spots on your prostate that feel good, continue to massage them gently and enjoy the resulting waves of pleasure!


Once One Finger Feels Good, Try Two!


Is this really such a big deal?  Check out Steve from Arizona's reaction.

Steve just reviewed the Metal Worx Perfect Plug yesterday and wrote: "This is a GREAT product! Slipped this baby up my ass and got busy with momma. The orgasm was AMAZING, it was like the plug and my prostate where playing ping-pong with each other (sorry, the only way I can think to describe it), it was electrifying. The orgasm high seemed to last forever (unfortunately not), my orgasm was much higher and much more intense than with out the plug! OYA I definitely recommend this product. My only wish is that they made it in different girth options - bigger. I have one other prostate toy (cock ring with ball), I like that product but would easily say this hands down is better. Lastly, it felt like during orgasm that my asshole was going to spit out the plug, nope not a bit. Don't hesitate to buy this product, your cums will thank you for it!!!"


Metal Worx Perfect Plug (Available at


When you rub the prostate it sends a message to the brain to let you know that you are on the edge of an orgasm. While this in itself may not cause pleasure, this sensation is hooked into the whole experience and body ritual of cumming—you feel like you are on the edge of orgasm—so your body interprets it as pleasure. Therefore when you press your P-spot it feels as though you are in a state of orgasm for as long you keep rubbing it.

You can enjoy this alone or with a partner. Dick (our buddy from Dick & Jane) writes: “If you have a partner in your life who is curious, trusting, and willing to playfully explore then you both could have a lot of fun. For you single guys... pick up a toy made for the job, even those of us married with willing partners have great success on our own sometimes.”

Want amazing orgasms of your own? Just gently slide in the Perfect Plug and STROKE!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


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Lucien’s comment translated:
I love to put a glass plug before going to work, it’s what allows me to stay excited and satisfy my pleasure.



j’adore me mettre un plug en verre avant d’aller au boulot, c’est ce qui me permet de rester excité et de satisfaire mon plaisir.

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Tamara Dane

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