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I've been having an interesting conversation on Twitter about ball weights.  A Dom commented that her sub wasn't that interested in ball play.

I shared that some things just have to be experienced to be appreciated.  We have many erogenous zones throughout our bodies that seem to lay dormant until some activating event awakens them--and then they become insatiable!

It may be a new lover licking your nips or gently chewing on them.  In the past, they were never pleasure centers, but suddenly they (and your dick) pop up and come alive! 
The same is often true for the dangly bits hanging between your legs.

I didn't realize how much pleasure was centered in my ball sac until I popped my first 8 ounce ball weight on.  My head said, 'no, this is crazy!  I'm not into this!' But my dick jumped to attention faster than a 15 year-old boy at a nude beach.

Yup, I liked it.  And I like it a lot.  I later realized that during sex I would often pull on my balls and twist them.  It was subconscious but it really made my dick pop and increased my pleasure.  Now my ball weights do that for me and the hand that was busy doing that is free to pursue other things!

In the past two days we have gotten great reviews from GearFans regarding the 8 ounce ball weight. (So of course we are going to share them.)

Mike from El Paso wrote:  "Dam I'm really loving these ball wieghts!! I love the the tugg they give my balls while wearing it. Especially while stroking one out!!!!! Difinatley recomend this purchase! Already gonna order all the sizes!!!"

HotSubNC from North Carolina also posted:  "
I purchased the 8 oz ball weight. What a great product! 

"This is perfect. I put it on as soon as I it arrived. Love the great pulling feeling it gives when I'm jacking off. I'm hoping to gain some good stretch and extention on my ball sack. Can hardly wait to move up in weight."
So if you don't think you or your partner is interested in ball play, don't speak too quickly! You may just discover that this adds an entirely new flavor and erogenous perk to your sex life!
"Love the Tugg": An International Mr. Leather Customer Experiences the Tugg for the First Time


I love the 8 ounce ball stretcher that our bud from IML is wearing in the picture above.  This is in our original satin finish--it now comes in the screw-like PISTON style as well.  The 8 ounce (1/2 inch bandwidth) is a ball toy basic.  It is a great size for your first ball weight AND you will keep coming back to it when you stack it onto larger rings to add more weight.  (When I stretched from the 16 ounce to 24 I just slid the 8 ounce in on top of my 16 ounce to get to that heavier ring.  I was able to upsize to a solid 24 ounce weight relatively quickly.)

This is also a great size for all-day-EVERY-day wear.  I love that it doesn't wear my balls out and yet I can enjoy the erotic tug and twist all day long.  It keeps this boy smiling!  But that isn't the only reason I wear a ball stretcher.  Here are all of the reasons:

  1. They feel awesome as they tug, twist and pull on your scrotum and stretch out your ball sack. 
  2. It prevents your balls from retracting upwards when you reach orgasm--many find that this prolongs cumming and increases the intensity. 
  3. In Tantric it is recommended that you stretch your balls manually (or use your ball weight) for several minutes a day for better sexual health and well-being.
  4. Sexual partners often like the rhythm of the weight banging against them--another touch at a time when every nerve ending is hyper sensitive!
  5. When you have one (or more) on, your balls become more sensitive to every touch, stroke, tickle, lick, nibble or slap.  You may find yourself whimpering--just a little bit!
  6. Lastly, when you take it off, you experience another sort of sensation--hop in the shower, soap up and start playing and tugging.  You may find there is another bullet in your gun!

There are a lot of reasons for wearing a ball weight--and anyone who owns one (or more) has their personal bias.  But if you want to enjoy an amazing ball weight boner, grab a ball weight and start enjoying the fun--and better sex!

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!


Where to find it:  8 Ounce Ball Weight:


(Photo by Jay Williams. The dick pictured does NOT belong to Mike or HotSubNC.) 



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