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To us, a cock ring is more than just a utilitarian tool for our tools. It has to feel right and it has to look right too. Happily we are not all built the same. There is an endless variety of dicks out there. Most of us probably wish we had a little more here and a bit more there but it is good to know that there is someone who will love your dick--just as it is--and that there is a perfect cock ring for you.

The Fury is a really wide, heavy cock ring. A lot of guys (and their fuck-partners) love the added power it brings to their thrust! But it isn't right for everyone. Some guys need a little less bandwidth or weight. Some want a ring that does the trick (if you'll pardon the expression) but is so light they hardly notice it's there (e.g. aluminum).

But it is perfect for the customer reviewing the Fury below. For his dick 'the design is perfect'. Who are we to disagree?



The Fury by gear essentials on display: "The design is perfect"


Last week we received the following review on from 'Anonymous'.  He writes: "UPDATE: In an above review, I described the Fury as my "bedroom ring".

"However, after becoming addicted to gear essentials steel rings, things have changed. My preferred ring is the Imperial which I often wear full days. But, when desiring a bit more weight, I easily and comfortably wear the Fury just as long. The design is perfect with rounded edges for ultimate comfort. Sometimes I experience some slight pinching with the squared edge design of the Titan series but not at all with the Fury.

"One thing I am unexpectedly experiencing from prolonged use of the heavier rings is some definite ball stretching. I have no desire for too much stretching but this amount is a noticeable, added benefit. As always, any questions, ask the gear essentials crew. They have been very informative and supportive."


The Fury C Ring by gear essentials: The Perfect Design on the Perfect Dick!
You will fuck harder, stronger and longer with the help of the Fury penis ring by gear essentials! Take sex to a new level of perfect passion and intensity with our second heaviest (10 ounces / 286 grams) solid stainless steel cock ring. Crafted in the USA with gently rounded interior edges, you will find that this 'perfectly' designed ring is far more comfortable than you might expect. You will know you have it on and your partner will definitely feel the difference as the blood flows into your dick and is restricted from leaving due to its rigid band of metal hugging the base of your prick. This means you stay harder, thicker, longer and more sensitive. And that means better sex.

Why not give perfection a shot—and enjoy a whole new level of steaming sex! Get the FURY!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos by “What Color Are You Wearing”. See more of him at . We are fans! Note: the dick pictured above is NOT “Anonymous”.)



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