The first time men hold the Omega cock ring they often comment, "Oh no! That's too heavy for me!"

Ah, but it's NOT!

The beauty of any cock ring (heavy or not) is that it's carried against the pubes so the brunt of the weight isn't felt directly on any one part. And the Omega--despite being one of gear essentials' heaviest cockrings at slightly over 11 ounces (312 grams)--is also one of the most comfortable.  

It's perfectly rounded donut-shape means there are no sharp edges so you feel no pinching or biting.  If you have a few pounds you want to lose, this ring is VERY forgiving!
And the weight means that the person on the receiving end of your dick loves the added power to your thrust as well.  This ring ties with the Imperial for "favorite ring for women". (It has single-handedly--or should we say single-dickedly-- transformed many stale sex lives!)

Yesterday "MrCockring" from Michigan posted the following review on  "I have own Gear Essentials Cock Rings for about 6 years. I have three different sizes of the Omega and in fact have used them for Ball Stretchers before/ I'm delighted to find that GE now offered a 1 5/8 Omega. That's going to be my next purchase. I stretch using the 2" highest up, then the 1 7/8, the the 1 3/4. The 1 3/4 kept slipping off. I haven't been able to find a 1 5/8 that's not painful to wear. Now I've found one! 

"At times I have worn the 1 7/8 Omega as a cock ring (not on the balls) for up to 6 months at a time, NEVER taking it off, it's so comfortable. It's like a part of me (unless I have tight jeans (ouch-pinch)). Ha! it's one of the reasons I wear a kilt most of the time. :-) "
Six months at a time?! Wow!  Even WE have never done that! (Small print: Doctors recommend that you not sleep in a cockring—though many of you have told us you do it.  The concern is that you could get a raging boner while having one of your many erotic dreams during the night—and then experience no relief from the pressure of your erection.  We don’t want you to blow out any blood vessels.  This is particularly important if you are on blood thinners or diabetes medication.  Remember, we love your dicks!)
MrCockring is using the Omega both for a cock ring and a ball weight.  (We recently came out with the all new Omega Split Ring so you more easily use this style for a ball stretcher.) The beauty of this smooth penis ring is that if it gets too heavy as a ball weight you can easily slide the head of your dick through and wear it against your pubes (as a cock ring).  You can go back and forth as much as you like. It's a great way to add weight and enjoy the erotic tug and twist of a ball weight hanging off your nads!

"It's So Comfortable. It's Like It's a Part of Me" The Omega C Ring


MrCockring mentioned that his next purchase will be the 1 5/8" Omega.  Early on we realized that you can generally wear one size smaller in the Omega.  Because of its round donut-shape, there isn't that much of the cockring that actually connects with your penis when you are flaccid. Go with one size smaller and you will feel even more power to your thrust. It is truly an awesome experience.

Try it—you’ll find that the Omega is so comfortable that it will feel like a part of you too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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