HOLD Your Head Up!


Are you craving something wider, bolder & bigger?

Hold your head up high (and put your best foot forward) with the Hold.  At 1.5 inches (38 mm) wide it is our biggest cockring profile. It's available in three interior diameters:  1 3/4" (44.5 mm), 1 7/8" (47.6 mm) and 2" (50.8 mm). Now you can rock a wider cock ring and allow your balls to drop through and hang free. Lock up your cock and balls in this wide cylinder of quality stainless steel and feel the Hold! 



An International Mr. Leather Friend & His NEW Hold Cock & Ball Cage by gear essentials


The Hold does have movable parts! This means that putting it on for the first time (or even the tenth) can be a bit of a challenge. (But it does get easier.)  Slip the larger half over your cock and balls and push it snugly against your pubes.  Let your balls drop through the wide slot (see the picture below--which is upside down so you can see the interior finish of the Hold) and then slide the head of your dick through the outer ring.  Secure with the two screws until you are locked down. (The two halves have to be aligned for the screws to go in smoothly.)  

Of the two halves, the band closest to your pubes has the widest interior diameter--this allows you to get most of your balls in the wide slot before screwing down the outer ring.  The chunkier outer ring tapers to a narrower opening which adds weight and acts as a shaft ring.  We have really been loving this added feature! 

For sizing, most guys are able to wear the same size in the Hold that they were in a normal penis ring.  However, if you have a really thick shaft you may need to go one size up.  The same is true for testicles. If you have a thick ball sac you may need to go with the larger size to leave room for your entire package!

BigBear from Texas wrote:  "Dude..what an awesome piece of metal this is! The first time I opened up the package I was impressed with how substantial it was and the great workmanship. Smooth, burnished metal with precision bolt holes and a nice amount of heft to it. I slipped it on immediately. It was a bit tough to get the alignment just right the first time...after I got the hang of it it was easier the 2nd time. Gave me an awesome boner and now I want to buy more products from you. The reaction from all my bate buddies has been outstanding! They love it and wanted to know where they could get one too. I couldn't be happier! Thanks!"

D from California added: "I got my hands on one of these, it is nice and hefty, looks great and feels great. It is a bit if a challenge to get screws in place and a bit pinchy at times."

D has a point, this might be one of those pieces that you want to wear with looser clothing (or with nothing at all) to avoid any discomfort from compression. If you are looking for a cock ring to wear with tight clothing, there are more comfortable options. 


An Inside Look at the Hold Cock & Ball Cage


In addition to propping up your prick and being hot to behold, it's great to jack and fuck in!

Keep your head up with the HOLD!    

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   The Hold Cock & Ball Cage:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/the-hold-cock-ball-cage   



(Photos by Jay Williams.) 




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