When You Want Your Slab o' Beef Thicker & Juicer!


Who doesn't like a thicker and juicier dick? When it's yours it feels better bobbing between your thighs reminding you that you possess a powerful tool brimming with manhood! Your juices are ready to explode!

When you've got someone bobbing on the end of it, the sensations are magnified so you feel every tingle run up and down your spine to the very core of your being.

Your cock ring keeps the blood flow in your dick so you stay thicker, harder and longer (as well as more sensitive to every touch, tickle and nibble!) No matter what orifice you stick it in, your partner will appreciate the thicker, meatier, juicier you!


Thicker & Juicer with the Omega C Ring by gear essentials


The Omega penis ring is hugely popular with folks on the receiving end of your thick prick! As gear essentials' heaviest ring (11 ounces / 312 grams) it adds thrust and power to your delivery when fucking. It is delicious.

This past week we received a couple of reviews on the Omega:

Chris from Delaware wrote: "I received my omega cock ring last week and it is my second from gear essentials my first was the .4 Titan. I love the weight of the omega and the roundness of it which makes it comfortable for all day wear. I'd defiantly go a size smaller i bought the 1 and 5/8th and it is perfect gear essentials defiantly out did their selfs with this one"

David from Hawaii had this to say:  "Excellent. Nice tight fit. Comfortable and great quality. I will get many hours of pleasure. Thanks"

(The Omega is now available in a split-ring version—great for easy-on/easy-off if you ‘suffer’ from the endless boner or to stack as a ball weight.)

Crafted of solid stainless steel it will last for years and years of pleasure.

Is your slab o' beef as thick and juicy as it can be?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!










(Photo submitted by customer.) 



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