In the Middle - Cuz of My Ball Stretcher!


Sex can be so great--even solo masturbation. Sex with another is even better! But start adding even more folks to the mix and you can have an increasingly explosive time!

Want to be the guest star and center of attention at your next three-way? Pop on a ball weight. EVERYONE will appreciate what it does for the sex!

Each of the men pictured below will have something positive to say about the ball stretcher on this hot hung top!


The Tea-Bagger

There is something tantalizing about balls. They just hang there and dangle. But the skin is so sensitive to the touch that it's fun to grab them, pop them in your mouth and suck or tongue them. (And they appreciate it too.) When you are wearing a ball weight, tea-bagging feels even better. It stretches those nads tight and pulls them down and away from your body. You now have a captive audience! And those babies get even more sensitive when they are stretched tight. Each flick of the tongue, brush of a fingertip or lap will send shivers of sexual excitement up the wearer's spine. The tea-bagger will get totally turned on by the reaction as well. There won't be a soft dick in the house!


The Bottom

Man or woman, whoever is on the receiving end of your massive cock will appreciate your ball weight. With every thrust of your hot rod it bounces off them providing another point of erogenous contact. Tantric practice recommends pressure on the taint to improve love-making and disperse sexual energy throughout the body--don't just keep it centered on the genitals. This is a whole-body experience! 



You are the center of attention--and with good reason. Let's get real; the one who will have the best time wearing a ball stretcher (or two) is YOU! You will feel it the moment you put one on. Your dick will tick up with excitement. You feel each tug, twist, pull and play of the ball weight on your ball sac with every move you make.

“Some Guy” from Detroit wrote the following review on gearessentials.comNice fit and finish, as expected. The swing is nicely -- mmm --- stimulating, and it's comfortable enough to wear all day (when going out, choose your trousers carefully if you don't want to attract undue attention!).”

It's great all day (enjoy the swing!) But when you are in the midst of that hot three-way and nearly ready to explode in an orgasm, your ball weight will prevent your nads from retracting. This delays your orgasm, makes it last longer and many men report that they cum more than usual.


In the Middle:  The 16 Ounce Ball Weight by gear essentials


The gear essentials' 16 oz. ball weight is a top seller.  As our friend from Detroit writes it fills your pants for a swing and a look that will get you noticed.  It puts an erotic tug on your balls as you move around. 

If you are first-timer or have high and tight balls, try an 8 oz. ball weight.  Don’t fear that you won’t feel the impact because you will!)  Ty from Kansas wrote on  “Awesome product! I had never worn one before maybe should have started with the 8oz but opted for the 16oz instead, with 1 1/2 diameter. Love the feel of the added swing and the tug! Thank you Gear Essentials!!”

All of our ball weights are crafted of stainless steel so they'll hold up to heavy play! 

Wouldn't you like to be 'stuck' in the middle!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here!  ENJOY! 




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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