Naturist? Nudist? Keep it Chubbed & Looking Hot!


There is nothing like feeling the gentle breezes caressing your naked body. We love being naked outside (especially now that the weather is starting to cool here in the great soon-to-be-White-North!)  Does that make us naturists or nudists? Either way we believe we came into this world naked; we think we should be able to stay that way if we like.

The man (and his dick) pictured below has his share of fans! We'd like to think that his Titan .2 cockring is doing more than it's fair share in supporting his beautiful chubbed man-meat as well as his popularity! You do realize that a few moments after this pic was shot one of those girls was on her knees indulging 'inspection'!

His penis ring is keeping the blood flow in his prick--so he stays thicker and bigger. When he really gets excited, it will grow to even larger than normal proportions!


Naturist or Nudist: Keep Your Dick Chubbed & Looking Hot in a Titan C Ring!


Yeah, it looks pretty but it does so much more than just look good! Ronald from Portland recently posted the following review on  "This was just the cockring I've been looking for... for years. I've tried rubber, metal, painted, and silicon. Some worked.. for a short time. Others reacted to various lubes... Others caused a painful crouch rash. Stainless steel, top dog, with a finish that's fine as any jewelry, a joy to wear... I preferred the narrow cockring... Keep my balls hanging yet allowes full penatration without excessive ball banging. Awesome, work of art, this cockring is 5 stars."

If you like to be naked outside, be prepared for whatever sex comes your way (it pays to be a Boy Scout) and enhance what you've got with a cock ring or glans ring. It's a great way to express your individual style, accent your assets and keep looking your best!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here!  ENJOY! 


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer. Ronald is not pictured.)



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