Going Small to GET BIG!


It makes our day when we get customer e-mails. We recently received this e-mail from a long-time customer. He writes:

Hi Jay--

It's a slow Friday afternoon, so I thought I'd try to make our days a little more exciting. ;) 

I'm not huge in the cock department (7" long and 2" wide), but I'm above average. For years, I've been buying my Gear rings at 2 1/8". I started big because the last thing I wanted was a ring I couldn't wear. They always fit great and I loved the look. 

I generally follow your blog closely, and I've seen guys who really seem to have big bulging cocks. So I wondered if I should go a size smaller. I bought a couple at 2" (a little tight) and enjoyed the results, but then I wondered if I could go even smaller for bigger results.

So I ordered the SurgeBLACK at 1 7/8". After getting my shaft through, I thought there was no way the balls would squeeze through (I was just too excited with my purchase, I guess). My second attempt was more successful and I love the results! It really keeps me chubbed during the day and the tightness isn't uncomfortable. There's the added bonus of 1/4" less ring between my thighs which I appreciate during long days at the office. I think I'll be buying another Imperial, but at this smaller size.

As an added bonus today, I'm wearing a Titan glans ring. Although my head size varies during the day, my PA ring keeps the Titan from sliding off. When I got my PA, I never thought "glans ring piece of mind" would be a benefit. LOL

Feel free to use the email and pix on your blog!

Surge cock ring: 1 7/8"
Titan .2" glans ring: 1 1/4"

Thanks and enjoy!


(Just a note: feel free to send us pictures when you are bored!) 


Going Small to GET BIG: Snug SurgeBLACK C Ring & Titan .2 Glans Ring from gear essentials 


He is looking hot and ready-to-go in his SurgeBLACKThere is something about the SurgeBLACK cock rings that make it look like your dick is exploding out of it! (It’s probably due to the slightly concave design.)

The Surge BLACK  is available in both a cock ring and glans ring. The SurgeBLACK is a combination of two favorite rings: the stunning concave styling of the Surge cockring (which is crafted out of lightweight aluminum) and the medical-grade plastic Grip. This material is so safe it is used in surgical procedures—so you know it’s good around your precious family jewels!



Going Small to GET BIG: A BIG HEAD with the Titan Glans Ring & S urgeBLACK C Ring

The Titan .2 is a great look—solid stainless steel in a classically simple design: square-edged, broad-shouldered and stunning. You will get surprised double-takes as you walk through the showers at the gym. Your dick will bob more (and the sensuous feeling of that solid metal rubbing all those nerve-endings below the cap of your dick are intensely delicious!), hang a bit lower (due to the .5 ounces of weight) and then there is that tantalizing glint of brushed metal that attracts attention.

We designed these to fit your manhood well—square-cut on the outside, but also on the inside with our exclusive corona fit to resist slippage. And solid stainless steel will not chip or peel like cheap chrome plate. This ring will stay strong—and keep your dick big and strong too.

If you have a PA, it can give you extra insurance to keep it on--but we recommend that you order a size that is smaller than your corona when flaccid. This will keep it from sliding off.

A glans ring also gives you a big head all by its lonesome--but adding a cock ring will give you that extra oomph! In addition, it will keep your dick chubbed up and ready for action. You will definitely get attention with this package in your pants.

Want even more? The Titan head rings are also available in the Titan .4, Titan .6 and the new heavier (2.3 Oz. / 65 grams) Titan .9--nearly an inch of bandwidth to crown your cock!

Our new glans rings have been described as ‘a mini hand-job in your pants’. It’s true! Discover that big head and erotic touch as you feel your dick in ways you’ve never experienced before!

You can go small to get BIG! Enjoy the bulge and get cocky with these rings on! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by the customer.)


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I have done the exact same thing. Depending on what I have going on determines the size of ring. The 1 3/4 size reguires me to pull my cock out first before my balls when taking it off. BTW – in the same size as you and I think it’s perfect. I love my cock – you know what they say – more than a mouth full is a waste. I was also featured in one of Jays posts, maybe he can supply the link here – hint hint

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