Crotch Watcher: Put Your Best


We're not sure what he's wearing under there but we can be sure he's got something around the base of his cock and balls. Like any good cock ring it's pulling his package forward, front and center. Your dick is thicker and juicy. If you're a crotch watcher, it's just the way you like it. 

Who doesn't like a thicker and juicier prick? When it's yours it feels better bobbing between your thighs reminding you that you possess a powerful tool brimming with manhood. Your juices are ready to explode!

Your cockring keeps the blood flow in your dick so you stay thicker, harder and longer (as well as more sensitive to every touch, tickle and nibble!) No matter where you stick it, your partner will appreciate the thicker, meatier, juicier you!


Best Foot Forward: Your True Proportions Revealed with a Cock Ring


It doesn't matter which of gear essentials' penis rings you select, they will do the job. And don't you owe it to your public to put your best 'foot' forward? Wear it with pride and show off your package!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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(Photo submitted by customer.) 


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WOW, please post more pictures of the wearing those hot CIn-2 white briefs with the cock ring! I don’t know what gave me a hard on more, the hot bulge or those hot hairy legs and feet. Who is this guy?

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