Big Night / Big Package!


It's another Friday night and you are headed out to the bars. Ever wonder what those strippers are doing to keep their packages so prominent and huge?

Just check out the cock ring! [If you play your cards right--or lay out your cash--you might get a chance to feel it (in this case with his mouth).]


Big Night / Big Package: And a Taste Test of What the Surge C Ring Has Done!


I have mentioned before that a good buddy of mine is a recovering Chippendale Dancer. He would never perform without a cock ring. In fact, he swore by them (and still wears them impressively!) As a male dancer, the tighter the cockring the better.

While performing he would wear his cock ring so tight that his boner would be cold and blue by the time he came off stage. As a rule we don't recommend this. (An exception might be if you suffer from erectile dysfunction and want to keep blood as restricted as possible in your penis--and only then just for the act of intercourse.)  You don't want to be strolling through life with an ice-cold unit.  (It's also not recommended to do this if you have diabetes or are on blood thinner unless you get approval from your physician.) 

For some guys this means they have two sizes--one for every day enjoyment and one for 'performance' (whether on stage or in bed)!  I love wearing a cock ring all day long.  When I don't have one on I feel naked and as though something is just not right.  I like the comfort, the stability and the way it pushes my cock and balls up, forward, front and center. 

But when you want to 'perform' or show your package at its best, you might want to consider a ring that is one size smaller than usual.  (Some guys counter that this is just false advertising. Seriously? It's all you--just pushed up.) When you are hard your dick expands to pleasing proportions and when you wear a tighter cock ring you are just showing off the potential (as though you are a 'shower' instead of a 'grower'.)

The stripper above is wearing the lightweight aluminum Surge C Ring.  The satin sheen of the finish casts a subtle reflection. The Surge is designed in such a way that it makes it look like your dick is exploding out of it! (A matching glans ring is also available—this is an amazingly hot look.) Made in the USA of quality, light-weight aluminum, the Surge is great for work-all-day / play-all-night comfort. You will really enjoy this ring. Like all of the Robo Collection, this is designed with an exaggerated interior comfort fit and weighs only 1.4 ounces (41 grams) so you might just forget you have it on!

We love this ring--but don't take our word for it! David from Brooklyn, NY wrote: “I've always been a big fan of Gear Essentials cockrings, and have a nice collection of them. I usually like some weight with a cockring, but thought I'd go for something different with this one - also bought the matching glans ring, and the two of them together make an awesome pair. The Surge is fantastic - I thought I wouldn't like the almost weightlessness of it, but turns out I love it. Like Andrew Christian underwear, the design of the Surge is so well thought-out that you wouldn't even know you're wearing a cockring - except for that great feeling that you know you are wearing one. Also, it looks cool, with classy styling in its appearance. And unlike the heavier pieces where you need a break from the weight, this one can easily be worn 24/7.”

Are you ready to Surge into your big night? 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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