Super Dick / Super Powers!


This extraterrestrial man of intrigue has a dick with superpowers! 

We don't think he needs any help--but he will get an extra edge with his Quarter Screw Cock Ring. It's perfect for lifting your balls, making your dick chub up and boosting your package so everything is forward, front and center. The Quarter Screw cock ring by gear essentials is the perfect answer.

The blood flows into his dick and is restricted from leaving due to the rigid band of metal hugging the base of his prick. This means he stays harder, thicker, longer and is more sensitive. And that means better sex—whether with a partner or by himself.


Super Dick / Super Powers:  The Quarter Screw by gear essentials

It's light--made of 100% aluminum. (So it is safe to wear next to your skin.) It also has an enhanced inner ring comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. The Quarter Screw does everything you want a cock ring to do yet is so comfortable you can wear it all day/play-all-night without a second thought. It features a narrow profile with a .3" bandwidth. Our extraterrestrial pictured above is clearly benefiting from his! And the price is AWESOME! Check it out, get your own Quarter Screw and ENJOY!

Enjoy your super dick and use your super powers wisely by giving a better fuck—and enjoy a whole new level of steaming sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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