There's No Keeping a Good Man Down


Some men worry that wearing a ball weight will keep them from getting a raging hard-on--they are afraid that all that weight hanging off their ball sac will steal some "expansion" skin and keep their shaft weighed down.

Well, there's NO keeping a good man DOWN!

Although in the beginning days of stretching your ball sac you may experience this to a limited extent (not to worry though--we found creative work-arounds and discovered that sex is even more fun with one of these around your balls). But we wanted to share an example of a very big man and his ball stretcher. Add a glans ring, butt plug and nipple clamps and we would be on sexual-sensory overload! 


Full Mast & Raging: He's Rocking 2" (32 Oz.) of Weight Bandwidth


He's double ringed and wearing a sound. He is tickling a lot of erogenous zones. This is a man who knows how to indulge in pleasure.

gear essentials' ball weights are crafted from solid stainless steel right here in Minnesota, USA.  Also known as split ring ball weights, they are secured by a single Allen screw--this helps keep them from popping off at a bad time (and just when is a good time?!)

The first time you put one of these babies on it can be a bit of a challenge; however, with practice it goes much more quickly. If you have never worn a ball weight in the past we highly recommend that you start with the 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth).  This is a much easier size to put on and get used to. You will also keep coming back to it. It's a great size for stacking on top of a larger ball weight to move up to the next size (it's easier to put two small weights on than one larger one.)

If you want lower hanging balls, a ball stretcher is the way to do it.  The weight rests above your nads so they help gravity stretch out your ball sac.  Men who are high and tight wear them to get bigger balls.  Guys on steroids / hormone replacement wear them to keep what they've got!  (Hormones cause the ball sac to retract.)

There are many reasons to wear a ball stretcher--getting bigger balls is only one of them!  It adds pleasure to sex; it delays orgasm because it doesn't allow your balls to retract right before you cum.  Many men report that they cum more and their orgasms are more intense.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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