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I've had my eye on glans rings for quite a while. I first spotted them at a nudist gathering and was immediately drawn--I wanted to know more.

While visiting one of our retailers in New York I picked up a cheap nickel version. It felt great as I walked along the streets. I loved the bob on my knob. (However, I knew I wanted something skin-safe for long-term wear.) We ended up ordering some perfectly round stainless rings from M2M. The response was great so we knew we had to craft our own.

Using our experiences and the feedback from our customers we came out with several unique head ring designs. Ours feature a squarer interior fit to help avoid slippage over the corona when flaccid and are made of solid aluminum or stainless steel.

Many men like the exaggerated knob bob from the heavier stainless steel glans rings (I fall into this camp). But if you want rings that are more eye-catching for your next nudist event or naked party, the Surge and Quarter Screw are very tempting options! (Just be ready to have someone reach out and touch--they are pretty irresistible!)

We received this customer photo and review just a few days ago. Arsen Tiger from East Bay, California wrote:  "I was a little concerned with even ordering glans rings due to the sheer size difference between being soft and hard but if you follow the instructions on measuring yourself (honestly, not using internet inches) the ring fits fine. The only complaint I would have is that it's perfectly circular but in order for things to fit just right for those of us who are wider, oval shapes would be more difficult to produce, I'm sure. Even at the largest size, I worried about discomfort, especially with a PA that's set far back... however, it doesn't seem to be an issue once you get used to the ring being there. 

"The look is eye catching... I've already been eyeballed by a few at urinals, as not only does my PA catch the light, but a metal band behind the flare of my glans was sufficient to have guys remark and ask about it. My partner loves the look as well. But I will warn this, if you have thinner skin along the shaft and your glans ridge is very pronounced like mine, there are times you can get a minor pinch or a bit of concentrated spot where your boxers rub while you walk.Just be prepared for this and consider taking it off when you're out doing long walks at the mall. Most guys won't have this problem... but it is something to consider."


Arsen Tiger's Titan .4 Glans & PA: Eye-Catching! 


Arsen Tiger raises two common concerns: a loose fit and pinching. When you are flaccid, your ring may be a bit loose (depending on your physiology.) Because the skin in your penis is so spongy beneath the head, you can go a bit snugger without risking damage. Another customer, Erik, responds to that fear:  "When I was soft it felt loose and I was afraid it would fall off.  I tested it around the house for a couple of hours and it never slipped.  So I wore it to pride for 16 hours comando with a cockring.  Walked 10 miles and danced for 2 hours in loose cargo shorts and it remained in place the whole time.  Wearing it all day I showed a lot more than usual and people noticed.  The whole time I was aware of it being on feeling my cockhead rubbing against the fabric of my pants.  Love this and I highly recommend this glans ring!"

We have to admit that we really love the squeeze as our cocks grow in these head rings! Even if you already have a cock ring on (and we hope you do) the head of your dick will grow bigger than you have ever seen it before. It's an amazing turn on. The ring of pressure beneath your corona is an added pleasure too.

We haven't gotten many comments regarding pinching. However, one common cause of pinching (and this can apply to cock rings and ball weights in addition to glans rings) is tight clothing. If you really want to feel the impact of the movement and 'hand job in your pants' effect, loose (or no) clothing is best.

If you want to feel the weight of the head ring the Titan .4 is a great option. A word of warning though--once you start feeling the weight you will want more! Check out the Titan .6 and Titan .9 glans rings too--or you can stack them for your own customized look and feel. 

It is eye-catching! Wear it and catch the eye of someone special! 

gear essentials....Sex IS Better here!  ENJOY!




(Photo by Arsen Tiger.)



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