South Texas Bear Measures for a Ball Weight


We get a lot of requests for help in measuring. We get it--it's a new gig for most men.

South Texas Bear e-mailed for some help. I really appreciated his approach because he actually sent me photographs (and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words!) This was so thoroughly and well done that I thought I would share it with the rest of the class.

South Texas Bear's e-mail:  "I need your help again!

"Last time i order it was a Glans ring Surge.It is nice , it light .I wear everywhere even to the gym I make heads turn there.

"now I want to stretch my balls ,I need a Ball weight thats the right size in Diameter tunnel , so it won't fall off my nut sack. Question can I wear the Ball weight all day at office and gym .or put it on for a couple of hours and then it off .jay what weight is good for me please not to light Jay..I love are some pictures of my cock glan ring .and some where I measure .thanks Jay keep up the good work . P.S .Jay if you to use my picture please don't use my name

"You can put SouthTexasBear..."

Here are South Texas Bear's pics:


Form of measurement:  Tape Measure
Wrapping the Tape Measure Around His Balls!
Photos of the Actual Measurement
South Texas Bear's Dick NAKED!!
 South Texas Bear's Dick Suitably Attired in Surge Glans Ring by gear essentials


Based on his pics we found just the right size diameter and weight for South Texas Bear. His photographs really made finding just the right thing easy! 

We are hoping that he sends pics of his juicy balls encased in solid stainless steel!

In the meantime, doesn't his Surge head ring look amazing? One of the things folks positively comment on is how the Surge makes it look as though you are exploding out of it--it's a very flattering look. You'll make heads turn--just like South Texas Bear!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by South Texas Bear.)






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