When you want to keep it hard and thick, rock a medical-grade cock ring (especially if you have to grab a flight in the near future).

Not only do gear essentials' SurgeBLACK and Grip cockrings do everything penis rings are supposed to do (keep you harder, thicker, firmer, girthier, juicier and more sensitive) but they are also TSA-safe! 

The first time we saw medical-grade plastic we KNEW we had to have it for a cockring (and glans rings too). This material is so safe to wear that surgeons implant devices made of this stuff inside people's bodies. (But please wear our rings on the outside.)  We are kind of particular about what we put on our dicks so this rang our bell.  (This is why we avoid chrome and brass like the plague--these are NOT good for your tender bits...)

The selfie stud below is wearing the SurgeBLACK as a shaft ring. A shaft ring needs to be worn snug enough that it doesn't slide off when you are flaccid.  Or, if you are just wearing it for sex, slide it on with lube after you are hard.  Like a traditional cock ring, it restricts the blood flow in your dick causing it to get fuller and thicker.  Be aware that if you use too much lube it will slide right off again though.  This is why I prefer to wear one that is a bit snugger (snug enough to stay on when I am flaccid).  It gets tight when I get hard but I've never had any pain or damage from wearing one that fits even when I'm flaccid (this is due to the spongy material covering our dicks at this point of the shaft).



Getting the Shaft:  gear essentials' Medical-Grade Plastic C Ring


And you can never go wrong with basic black. It's always a good look. We know that black is slimming but this penis ring, like all the others in our collections, will keep your dick fat and juicy.  Isn't that the point?

Here's a close-up of the SurgeBLACK:


Elegant Design & Style Keeps your Shaft HARD: SurgeBLACK C Ring


The SurgeBLACK has a smoothly concave shape making it look like your dick is literally exploding out of it!  With your thickened dick you can afford to be cocky! (And you will be.)

Find the ring that suits your style and taste best.  Regardless of your choice, you will be pleased, your partner will be pleased and your performance will be greatly enhanced! And don't forget to crown your dick head with the SurgeBLACK glans ring! (You'll be amazed at how big your knob can get!)

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!





(Photo provided by customer.)



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