Return of the Crotch Watcher: Putting Your Best Foot Forward


We always love getting happy customer e-mails, but this one was kind of special:  "I was quite pleased to see my pic show up in the GearEssentials blog the other day (October 23). I was indeed wearing my Surge underneath that wonderful underwear. I love that it is a bit see through. Here is another shot with a little glimpse of my Master. I loved the comment that guy left :)"

The next day, Mountaindude posted:  "WOW, please post more pictures of the wearing those hot CIn-2 white briefs with the cock ring! I don’t know what gave me a hard on more, the hot bulge or those hot hairy legs and feet. Who is this guy?"

He does wear it well, doesn't he? And he has promised to send us a few more pictures as the spirit moves! (Start praying, everybody!)

We'll admit that until he told us, we weren't sure which ring it was. We know he has at least the Surge, Titan and Master cockrings in his collection. But now the mystery is solved. He was sporting the Surge (and the Master cock ring in the pic below)--and that baby is helping him put his best 'foot' forward!

Like any good cock ring the Master pulls his package forward, front and center. It makes his dick thicker and juicy. And as many of you have told us, when you're a crotch watcher, it's just the way you like it. 

Every man enjoys a thicker and juicier dick. It feels better bouncing between your thighs as it reminds you that you possess a powerful tool pulsating with life-force. Why? Because your penis ring keeps the blood flow in your dick so you stay thicker, harder and longer (as well as more sensitive to every touch, stroke and lick). No matter where you stick it, your partner will appreciate the thicker, meatier, juicier you.


Return of the Crotch Watcher & His Best Foot Forward: His True Proportions Revealed in His Cock Ring


Frankly it doesn't matter which of gear essentials' penis rings you select, it will keep you looking, feeling and performing your best. We've said it before, but it bears repeating:  don't you owe it to your public to put your best 'foot' forward? Wear it with pride and show off your package! Bring more beauty to the world!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



WHERE TO FIND IT:   Master Cock  Ring:


(Photo property of the customer.) 



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