The Diary of a Southern Gentleman Part IV


We regret to say it, but this is our last installment of our Southern Gentleman for a while—or at least until he sends us more pictures!

These shots affirm our belief that every dick looks better with a cock ring on it. (Not to mention feeling better!) And this beautiful dick is no exception. A cockring leaves your dick fuller, heavier and looking tantalizing. When the action starts you are more than ready to go--you are more than halfway there! And your penis rings keeps you going stronger and longer.

A cock ring a win-win / must-have accessory.


Fuller, Fatter & Thicker in the Titan .6 Cock Ring by gear essentials


Even freshly on, it leaves your dick more prominent as everything is pulled forward, front and center. Your cock now has pride of place--but then, shouldn't it?


Underwear Drops: The MONSTER Cock Within is Revealed--in His Titan .6 C Ring by gear essentials


How does a cock ring unleash your monster within? It’s basic science. Blood flows in but is restricted from leaving because of the metal band around the base of your dick. More blood inside your prick means you stay thicker and harder--even when flaccid. It feels so good and your dick looks hot.

The Titan C Ring provides good solid support with a classic simplicity of style. It features gently rolled edges to eliminate pinching.



Thick, Juicy & Begging to be Touched in His Stainless Steel Cockring


The Titan is hand-crafted in brushed or mirror finish solid stainless steel. You can get the Titan .6 in four cock ring sizes (from 1 ¾” to 2 1/8”) and five glans ring sizes (1” to 1 5/16”).

The Titan Series is also available in three bandwidths: .2 inch (5 mm), .4 inch (10 mm) and .6 inch (15 mm) as shown.

Need larger or smaller? The Titan .4 is also available in extended sizes in the brushed finish: the 1 1/2" and 2 1/4".

(Don't forget a glans ring for the ‘mini hand-job in your pants’ experience! They are available in The Titan .2, .4, .6 or new super-wide .9--they work even when you’re uncut like our Southern Gentleman.) Check them out. You will look and feel amazing! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Titan Cock Ring:



(Photos by the Southern Gentleman.) 



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