Hanging out in his 16 ounce ball stretcher


This is a great time of year just to hang out.  Naked.  Feeling the breezes tickle your most intimate parts as it ruffles every hair on your body.  

It's also a great way to attract attention - the right kind, of course!  This stud has it all figured out as he's gone out on a limb looking for wood.  Hard wood

And he's decked out in a ball stretcher.  This man understands pleasure.

You don't have to read many of these blogs to get the picture that I LOVE the feeling of a ball weight hanging from my balls.

The first time I put one on I got an instant aching boner!  My head said, "Too kinky! Not for me!"  But my dick knew otherwise.  I immediately popped a woody and realized that I always enjoy having my balls tugged and twisted playfully during sex.  Ball stretchers duplicate this pleasure for me.  It gets really intense as I experience the heavy ball weight tugging and pulling on my ball sac as I move.  The weight and pendulum-effect of ball stretchers creates enough motion and tug to really send my cock jumping--whether I'm at work, working out, having sex or hanging out.  There's nothing like letting those big ol' man-balls swing free.

Kick back and enjoy the intoxicating sensations.  


Hanging out in his 16 ounce ball stretcher


Larry from Virginia wrote:  "I got the 16oz. ball weight about two weeks ago after discovering your products on twitter.  I started wearing ball stretchers about two months ago because it feels awesome so adding the extra weight just takes the experience to the next level.  Because of the sturdy and ridged construction it is a little hard to put on the first time, but like with all things practice makes perfect. 

"Next I want to get two 8oz stretchers, as I increase the stretch and intensity."

Larry is right; the intensity is unexpected - and awesome!

The 16 Oz. / .45 kg. ball stretcher shown above brings electric pleasure with every step, move or thrust.  The tug and twist erotically stimulates your ball sac (and sadly these bad boys often get ignored) and leads to even more powerful (and delayed) orgasms.  When your body is getting ready to cum, your scrotum retracts upwards but your ball weight prevents that from happening. This delays and can intensify orgasm.

The 16 Oz. split cock ring has a bandwidth of 1.5 inches / 38.1 mm so you can really get a drop on your ball sac.  The look and feel is terrific too. 

This style comes in three sizes, 1.25" and 1 3/8".  Ball weights also increase the intensity of fucking.  You feel it tugging on your balls and swinging freely.  You will get off on the rhythm of the motion as your balls are played with by that hunk of stainless steel.  Your partner will also get an extra Tantric erotic jolt as it bounces against him or her for an extra erogenous touch.

Enjoy hanging out in your 16 ounce ball weight.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  16 Ounce Ball Weight:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-16oz 


(Photo submitted by customer.  Larry is not pictured.)  



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