The Juices are Flowing in his Stacked Ball Stretchers


It's no wonder he's oozing pre-cum. It happens to me too. The first time I put a ball stretcher I popped a woody and my love affair with weights continues to this day.

He's got some amazing low-hangers. He could certainly wear more weight on those nads. But the beauty is you wear just enough to make you feel good.  There is nothing like the sensation of solid stainless steel ball weights hanging off your sac. It tugs, twists, bobs and pulls with each move you make sending an electric bolt of excitement up and through the core of your body. Your balls are dragged down and your cock experiences little jolts of pleasure as you chub up in reaction to the intense pleasure parade happening in your groin. 

It also delays orgasm because it prevents your balls from retracting right before you cum. (I love that.) For many men it also results in a more powerful orgasm and more splooge. 

He has also stacked an Omega Split Ring on top of his 16 Ounce Ball Stretcher. The Omega Split is just gear essentials' Omega cockring but chopped in half. One half of the ring has a male/female connector. The other side is secured with an Allen screw. 

I enjoy the flexibility of the Omega Split Ring. I generally start by wearing it on top of my traditional ball stretchers. If you want to get more swing to your balls and increase your pleasure, it slips in easily on top of those ball weights even if you don't think there is any more room. The interior diameter is wider and the edges are rounded. The male package flares out as your shaft gets closer to the pubes; the Omega makes allowances for that. It feels great, it's super easy to get on, and I can slide the head of my dick through it and wear it as a penis ring again if it starts feeling too heavy on my nads. 


The Juices are Flowing in his Stacked Ball Stretchers


He's got a little over 1 1/2 lbs. / 71 grams hanging on his balls. And it feels good. 

Chad from Miami wrote:  "The weight is awesome. It’s beautiful and high quality. I started with 8 oz. started stacking before trying. I find stacking a few before makes it easier to get on.

"The weight and pull is nice. The fashion is cool and comments are always flattering. Would recommend."

A lot of newbies ask if you can have an erection or even wear a heavy cockring with a ball weight on. You can. It adds to and intensifies your sexual pleasure.

Experience those flowing juices in your ball stretchers. You'll enjoy the tug and twist and intense orgasms - life will never be the same.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Chad is not pictured.)





Isn’t it an amazing photo?

I love that you also started with smaller weights and are up to 24 ounces now. How does it feel? How long did it take to stretch to fit the 24?

Thanks for your comment! ENJOY!



That is a nice shot I also have started out with small weights and working up to almost 24 now

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