Tuning into the Sensations of Pleasure with Ball Weight, Cockring & Sounding


What do you see when you first glance at the picture below? I'm curious at what draws your attention first.

Is it the leather? There is something about the look, feel and smell of leather. To many (I'll admit I'm included) it is irresistible.  Maybe you're into nips and are drawn to that rosy nub between jacket and harness.

Or is your eye drawn down to his firm cock with a sound sticking out of his piss slit?

Perhaps your hand instinctively wants to reach out and pull on his solid ball stretcher around his beautiful nads.

This is obviously a man finely attuned to the sensations of pleasure. Everything is highlighted and obviously fair game to your eyes or touch.

I have huge respect for this guy. He knows what he likes and he is comfortable putting it out there. It took me a few years to get to this point. I can now comfortably admit that I love ball stretchers, cock rings, nipple play, leather and metal sounds gently inserted into my urethra. Does that make me a kinkster? Probably! But I like to think of myself as willing to try anything (at least once) and to experiment with the things that bring me pleasure.

Tuning into the Sensations of Pleasure with Ball Weight, C Ring & Sounding


Ball Weight

The stud pictured below is wearing a 16 Oz. Ball Stretcher on his nads. There are many reasons to wear a ball weight: getting bigger balls, the tug & twist as you move, and the feeling as it bounces off your partner when you fuck. It adds pleasure to sex; it delays orgasm because it doesn't allow your balls to retract right before you cum. Many men report that they cum more, their orgasms are more intense and they shoot farther.

It doesn't seem as though he's having a hard time boning up his schlong! Sex is even more fun with one of these around your balls.


You know I love my cockrings. Why? A cock ring restricts blood inside your dick so you stay thicker, harder and longer. It keeps your package looking intensely impressive and during sex you'll hit places you've never reached before. 


Sounding brings amazing pleasure to the inside of your penis. There are tons of nerve-endings in there that just get off when teased by a sound. But it's not something to just rush into. For your health, you need to make sure that your sound is clean and sanitized. You need good lube (or saline solution) for your piss slit so things go smoothly. It's also important to just let gravity do its thing. Don't force or push the sound. I find that edging is over the top amazing when I sound. I just ooze buckets of pre-cum.

Whatever your pleasure, honor yourself by exploring it. Celebrate the sensations of pleasure.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





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