Holiday Decked, Be-Ringed & Balled: Just Try to Resist!


Tis the season to deck everything out for the holidays! It is a magical time.

But that doesn't stop with your home or business. When you deck yourself out--cock rings, glans rings, ball weights and more--you create some magic of your own!

You'll find that your gear has an impact on how you look (bigger & thicker), how you feel and how you perform. But it also has an impact on the reactions others have towards you.

We saw the results of this during a photo shoot a while back.   


Decked for the Holidays: The Look of Contentment!


It's always a great day when you find yourself naked with a group of hot friends. Add some gear to that and you have an extra special occasion. Tis the season to be jolly--and jolly you will be when you wear the Titan .4 glans ring pictured below.

Glans ring are new to our holiday gift box. We saw them at a nudist gathering and had to have them--with our own special touches of course! Ours are made of solid skin-safe materials with our exclusive squared corona fit (to help avoid having them slip off. Even when wearing a cock ring you will be amazed at how huge the head of your dick gets when wearing one of these sexy little head rings. Many customers have commented that it feels "like a mini hand-job in your pants" when you wear them. They caress and tickle the sensitive nerve-endings beneath your corona producing pleasurable sensations up and down your spine. A happy grin will be pasted on your face leading co-workers and friends to wonder just what you are up to--just tell them it's the holiday spirit!

When you get hard it exerts more pressure resulting in even greater sensitivity to the head of your cock. You may experience some sensory overload--but bear with it: the results are amazing!


Just Try to Resist: Cockrings Pump You Up & Make Your Prick Irresistible!
From Top to Bottom: Total Plunge C Ring, Titan .4 glans, Stacked Half & Full Screw Rings & Piston Ball Weight


Deck your balls with a ball stretcher. You may think it's too kink--I know I did. Then I tried it on. My dick popped up and life will never be the same! It pops your balls out and stretches your sac so you are even more sensitive to every lick, nip, touch and tickle. It also elongates orgasm because it prevents your balls from retracting up into your body prior to cumming. Some guys say it even makes them cum more!

You will love the feeling as you move throughout your day and during sex. It's a game-changer!


Holiday Decked & You're IRRESISTIBLE! Solid Aluminum C Rings Keep Your Prick PUMPED!


Why the pump? Cock rings restrict blood from leaving your dick meaning that when erect you stay harder, thicker and longer than usual. Even flaccid you will be more chubbed--and everyone wants a piece of that!

The aluminum Robo Series features several unique and amazingly comfortable light-weight penis rings. Pictured above are the Total Plunge (with the divots) and stacked Half Screw and Full Screw cock rings. These all feature gear essentials' exclusive comfort fit interior for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. These are so comfortable you may forget you even have them on. The Half Screw, Surge and Plunge (at .6 inches / 15 mm in bandwidth) are even comfortable under tight underwear.

This holiday season get decked out! You'll be irresistible too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by David Lee: ) 



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