Deck the Balls--and Be the Center of Attention!


Tis the season to be jolly--and deck our balls!

The guys below have decked their dicks and balls with great gear from gear essentials.

Pop these babies on and you will soon find yourself the center of attention.


Deck the Balls: Triple-Ringed with the Total Plunge C Ring, Quarter Screw Glans Ring & PISTON Weight


Heath, pictured above, is loving the feeling of being triple-ringed. The cock ring keeps his dick pumped and full (whether hard or flaccid--you'll be bigger). It also pulls your package forward, up, front and center. You will feel the power in your prick!

The glans ring has been called a 'mini hand-job in your pants.' It tickles and caresses the sensitive nerve-endings below the glans of your dick for amazing pleasure all day long. During sex it makes the head of your dick even bigger.

Ball weights tug and twist your nads for all day pleasure. During sex it delays and prolongs orgasm because it keeps your balls from retracting up into your body right before you cum.



Ready to be the Center of Attention: Double-ringed in the Total Plunge C Ring & Quarter Screw Glans Ring


Keep it all chubbed up and ready for action--you never know when you need to be ready to rock and roll!

Your gear will have an impact on how your dick looks (thicker & fatter), how you feel (uber-powerful) and how you perform (increased power and stamina). But it also has an impact on the reactions others have towards you. Your thick meat will beg to be touched...


Center of Attention:  It's a Bit of Xmas Magic! They are Wearing:
(L) Piston Ball Weight & (R) Stacked Half Screw & Full Screw C Ring and Titan .2 Glans Ring


...And touched it will be because when the guys get together the games will begin. Your gear essentials' gear will keep you primed and ready for action.

You will be thankful for that cockring keeping your dick pumped. Penis rings restrict your blood from leaving your prick so that when you're turned on it stays harder and bigger. Even when you're flaccid your cock will be more chubbed--and you know everyone wants a piece of that!

The Half Screw, Full Screw, Total Plunge C Rings as well as the Quarter Screw glans ring are all part of the aluminum Robo Series. These cock rings are characterized by light-weight ease of wear as well as the amazing interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. These are so comfortable you may forget you even have them on. The Half Screw, Surge and Plunge (at .6 inches / 15 mm in bandwidth) are also incredibly comfortable under tight underwear.

Get decked for the holidays--and be the center of attention!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by David Lee: )



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