Exercising the Nipple-to-Genital Connection


Last night a group of us enjoyed a relaxing dinner. One of the guys described the first time he wore nipple clamps. (He came to the nipple-to-genital game a bit later than most!) But after wearing the clamps he discovered that the merest brush of fabric across nips brought his cock bouncing to life! He had never realized that he was hard-wired from nip-to-cock.

Many guys don't even realize they are hard-wired.      

Many of my straight friends think nipples are only erotic for women. They disdain their own tough titties and frankly wonder why they even have them. Take a page from the gay playbook, guys, and discover how much pleasure is built into those sweet little buds.  

Both male and female nipples are erogenous zones (here at least is ONE area in which men and women are alike!) When stimulated by touch (hands or mouth) this tender tissue creates sexual arousal. Both men and women have similar nerve supply in the nipples; however, the nerves lie closer together in men versus being more widely spread for women. This is why the teats and areola are erotic receptors--and creators of over-the-top erogenous pleasure.


Clamped, Bound & Blindfolded: Intensely Focusing In On Nipple Pleasure



The Brain:  Our Largest Sex Organ

We've shared this info before--but it really bears repeating. The man pictured above is blindfolded and bound. This allows the deprivation that might be needed for you to focus in on your nipples and start to feel the channel of pleasure running from pecs to prick.

Researchers have discovered that an orgasm involves a ton of brain regions (amygdala, hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus, hippocampus, basal ganglia, accumbens-bed nucleus of the stria terminalis-preoptic area, the lower brainstem, cerebellum and the anterior cingulate, insular, parietal and frontal cortices. 

So we have a sense of the electronics buzzing around in our brains, but how do the nipples work?


How Nipples are Constructed & Nipple Erection

Nipples are made of skin like everywhere else on our body; however, pigmentation tends to be darker. When our nipples become erect, it is not due to erectile tissue (like that found in the penis) but it is due to the contraction of the smooth muscles under the control of the automatic nervous system. Therefore it is more like a hair follicle standing on end instead of being like sexual erection. Pilomotor reflex (which also causes goose bumps) causes nipple erections in the cylindrically arranged muscle cells of the nipple itself.


Making Connections: Clamped, Bound & Gagged While Experiencing Nipple Electricity!


You don't have to be bound and gagged to enjoy the nipple-to-genital connection, but when you are new to a sexual experience, sometimes it is helpful to not be in control (which means you need someone you trust to help you through the experience). We often come to an experience with preconceived ideas that are frankly way off base. I grew up thinking most sex was deviant (yes, I've come a long way!) So for me, an inability to interfere will free me up to enjoy a new sexual experience. (And once you've done it--and enjoyed it--you can let the judgmental part of you go.) 


High Beams

Both men and women experience nipple erection as a tactile response caused by cold temperatures. The release of oxytocin during sexual arousal also causes your teats to stand up and be noticed. This also happens when you are sexually attracted by someone--and they can then subconsciously read this as a nonverbal signal of your interest. So go ahead and be coy, but is that braille under your shirt or are you just excited to see me!


Let out Your Inner Kink: A Chained Connection from Nips to Prince Albert


Bonding can take many forms whether male or female. Reach out and grab all the experiences you can in life! It's all good.


Oxytocin? The 'Bonding' Hormone

So what is oxytocin? It is referred to as the 'bonding' hormone. It’s released when your nipples and genital areas are stimulated as well as during orgasm as well as for a few minutes afterwards. The release of oxytocin brings on feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety levels and releases a sense of calmness and security with your partner. Researchers believe that this indicates that oxytocin may be important for the inhibition of the brain regions associated with behavioral control, fear, and anxiety so that orgasm can actually occur (in the wild?) Oxytocin also functions to protect against stress. In addition it increases monogamous behavior, helps reduce inflammation, improves facial recognition memory and increases empathy. Meta-analyses conducted in 2003 demonstrated that release of the oxytocin hormone can alleviate mood and reduce stress with a good efficiency. This why when under stress, many men jack off--it's self-medication.

So can men release oxytocin through nipple stimulation as well?  I know that I go wild when my nips are sucked and played with. 

I first 'unlocked' the pleasure of my nipples by gently squeezing them while masturbating. I found that I enjoyed a gentle pinch and slight twist to my nipples. It may have been a self-conditioning technique but I soon found that one hand would be stroking my cock and the other would move up my abs to those hard buds crowning my pecs. In a short time my nipples became even more sensitive. I moved on to using nipple clamps and nipple suckers. As part of edging play I alternate clamps for about 15 minutes and then nipple suckers for 10 or 15 minutes. I switch these back and forth for as long as I can hold off orgasm. The sensations vibrating between my nipples and cock become electric!

Afterwards, the brush of a fingertip or even the fabric of my shirt rubbing against an perked nip causes a shudder to flow throughout my body and my dick to twitch. The sensations are that powerful.

Here are the words of another man talking about his nipples:

"They'll take stimulation all the way from light caress, rubbing, twisting, pulling, pinching all the way to light 'spanking'! (Which makes them even MORE sensitive in an hour or two). I make it a point to use moisturizer or olive oil as a balm on mine to keep them sensitive. For the guys that are uncomfortable with this, I say MAN UP! Sensitive nipples don't make you feminine or 'gay'. Heck, as far as I can see, male nipples are our only real 'sex' organ; since they only have one purpose...

He continues: "But, I suspect you need to practice to get them 'working'. Also, the level of pleasure from various stimulation seems to vary with temperature... Mine love nice hot weather; cold weather not so much as it makes them a little 'jumpy'. One other suggestion is to try lubricating them.

And he concludes by saying: "Nipple stimulation is something that my wife and I can share on a mutual basis (although SIMULTANEOUS is a little difficult, as I just can't pay attention hers when she's doing mine!). It's a very intimate and loving act."


"It's a Very Intimate & Loving Act."  Nipple Clamps & His Titan .6 Cock Ring


Our bodies are tuned for pleasure. We are covered with erogenous zones. Too many men settle for a quick whack or a 'wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am' approach to getting off. Sure it feels good and you releasing oxytocin BUT you can have so much more pleasure. Ramp it up because there is no reason to shortchange yourself. Find out what feels good and dive headfirst into whole-body-trembling hot sex! The nipple-to-genital connection can increase your pleasure.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos submitted by customer.)


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We love nipple clamps. Finding that pain/pleasure interface is awesome. If your “boy” (or you) requires punishment, clamping the nips is a good way to help take what’s coming with a paddle, strap or cane.

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