Avoid Winter Shrinkage with a Ball Weight


I have been going through my pictures from our last International Mr. Leather (IML) and smiling at the wonderful memories. The pictures below are of a long-time friend, GearFan and customer. We have a few pictures of him but I wanted to share these two to show a before and after picture of ball weights.      

Combine these pictures with the fact that it seems like cold and gray weather has once again descended on the Northern Hemisphere. We're shrinking and BLUE! A customer e-mailed to remind me to take off my heavy metal so I don't freeze my nads off! Well, it takes more than a little cold weather to get me to take my gear off!  

The beauty of solid stainless is that it takes on your body temperature so it warms up quickly. It is really very comfortable--even in chilly weather. This helps counteract shrinkage. Any guy will tell you that a dip in a cold lake, cold shower or even a cold withering stare can result in massive shrinkage (our dicks contract and retreat into our body cavity leaving only the tiniest head or overhanging foreskin exposed--aka the 'little fire hydrant' look!)

You can avoid that shrinkage! When you wear a ball weight and a cock ring it reduces the natural shriveling. (Procreating warning: If you are attempting to make babies you may want to forget about the ball weights in cold weather until your breeding days are over. Your body sends the shrivel message to your bollocks to keep those hardy little sperm in your balls at the correct temperature.) But if you don't care about the temperature of those hardy swimmers down under, slap on a ball weight and keep your cojones hanging as low as possible.


Before a Ball Stretcher: Our Buddy tries on the Heavy Titan .9 Glans Ring--More "Bob on the Knob!"


Pictured above he is wearing nothing but a glans ring. This is gear essentials' heaviest glans ring and really gives you a lot of motion as you move throughout your day. This motion in turn gives you the 'mini hand job in your pants' effect. It feels amazingly delicious.

This is also available in narrower sizes if you feel that nearly an inch of metal hanging around the head of your dick is just too much! It's available in the .2, .4 and .6 inch sizes as well.

What I find intriguing about this picture is that you get no sense that this man can wear 32 Oz. of stainless steel on his balls. Here his ball sac is partially retracted so you don’t get a real sense of his true size.

Read on…


And WITH a Ball Stretcher: No Shrinkage Here as He is Triple-Ringed!


You may not realize how much material he has to work with! But in addition to the Titan .9 (nearly an inch wide) glans ring, he is wearing the ultra-wide Full Screw cock ring (also .9 / 23 mm wide) AND our largest ball weight at 2 lbs. / 2" bandwidth. That's a lot of metal on a lot of dick. 

Triple-Ringing is extraordinarily erotic and a shrinkage buster. A cock ring keeps the blood restricted in your prick so you stay thicker and longer than usual. However, temperature will impact how large your flaccid dick will get. If you are a snow-season naturist, your dick will be smaller than it would be on a steamy beach vacation in the Bahamas. Extreme heat combined with cock ring and ball weight will result in extreme size. It's crazy-mad science and we like it.

The Full Screw is a great choice. This baby is super-light and features our unique Comfort Fit interior so it extremely comfortable for all day/play-all-night wear yet hard enough to keep you hard, pumped and ready for action!  Need to get some pounding done and get off?  This will help you do it...all night long!

The Full Screw is part of gear essentials' aluminum ROBO line so it is lightweight and yet does everything you need a cock ring to do.  It also comes in several bandwidths:  .3 inches (Quarter Screw--which also comes in a 1 5/8 diameter), .6 inches (the Half Screw) and the Full Screw at nearly an inch. 

If you think cock rings are too heavy, think again.  You will love these so much you will never want to take them off. 

His 32 Oz. ball stretcher is crafted from solid stainless.  This is a very safe material to wear next to your sensitive naughty bits.  The ball weight is designed in two halves that are secured by an Allen screw.  We’ve worked with magnetic ball weights but they tend to pop off in heavy play; gear essentials’ ball stretcher is much more secure so it can withstand a long day at the office and a heavy night of rough and tumble play.  They can be tricky to put on for first-timers but after a few wearings it becomes second nature.  

Don’t let the cold weather keep you down—avoid shrinkage and walk proud with a gear essentials’ cockring and ball weight. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Titan .9 Glans Ring:   http://gearessentials.com/collections/glans-rings/products/glans-ring-titan-9-stainless-steel

Full Screw Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/full-screw

32 Oz. Ball Stretcher:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-32oz


(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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