The customer pictured in the blog, "I'm a Long Time User of Your Products" The Engraved Cock Ring doesn't just enjoy the cock rings we manufacture. He also e-mailed some words of praise for the Slim Fave by Metax Worx:   

The SlimFave is really beautiful, a perfect marriage of form and function looking like a fluid drop of quicksilver.  Why it isn't more popular I cant guess…  The case is a real plus and really make the toy feel all the more special.  It is wonderfully heavy and both my wife and I love it though for different reasons.  She loves the graduated end for anal play, choosing how much to take based on her mood and readiness.  She is a bit of a size queen, preferring larger toys for vaginal play, we would both love a larger version for that activity.  She prefers it warm so some planning is needed if she intends on playing with it, just dipping it in the hot sink to warm it up.   

"I love the weight and the stiffness of both ends for anal enjoyment.  If I could add anything, I’d give it a bit of a curve, thus making prostate and g-spot stimulation easier without having to flex it so much.  I love the toy warm or cold and get quite hard just thinking about my wife using it on me while stroking my throbbing cock.  We both like that it is SUPER SMOOTH making for a glass like texture wonderful for clitoral stimulation.

The Metal Worx Slim Fave -- 2 Ends; 2 Options


"I hope I’ve been helpful in my experience with your amazing products, I’m currently wearing my Master cockring as I sit here in the station riding paramedic in charge..."

(As a result of his review, we added the Metal Worx Curve to our offerings.)


For Anal Enjoyment: It's Not the Slim Fave--but it Gives you the Idea


The bottom line (if you'll pardon the expression) is that there are many options for pleasuring your P Spot (prostate). Most guys start by just inserting a finger (while in the shower), curving it towards the base of the penis and rubbing back and forth. Trust me, that will open you up to a whole new world of pleasure! The key is to find what works for you. For this customer, it's the Metal Worx Slim Fave (and he will be picking up the Curve next!) For others, they need something larger like the guy pictured above. Just open your mind, relax and enjoy!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Metal Worx Slim Fave:  


(Photo submitted by customer.)



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