Ball Weights: Adding Weights = Adding Pleasure


It's no secret that I love the tug of a ball stretcher around my ball sac. There’s nothing like the twist and tug of a ball weight while walking and moving throughout the day. In fact, this past week I managed to upsize to slightly over 2 pounds. (I started with my 16 ounce, added my 8 ounce and then slipped an Omega Split Ring on above that.) I loved the added weight. It was very hot!   

But I'm not used to that kind of weight so within a couple of hours I experienced "ball fatigue"--my nads are not used to that kind of pressure! After taking the 8 ounce ball stretcher and Omega Split Ring off my 16 ounce ball stretcher felt positively feather light. I left it on for the rest of the day. (In the past my "go to" size has been the 8 ounce--I can easily wear that from the time I get out of the shower until I take it off before going to sleep.) The pull of that ball weight around my scrotum feels absolutely amazing.    

I am really enjoying the Omega Split Ring because it makes it so easy to add weight to your balls for that added pleasure and stretch. I didn't think I could get more than my 24 ounce ball weight on--but with the Omega it fits over the 'flare' or your package so it's much easier to get on. Now I can stack an 8 ounce on top of my 24 ounce ball weight.  We've used this picture before but here is Slave Thompson at International Mr. Leather (IML) wearing his 32 ounce ball weight plus TWO Omega Split Ring weights (one in each size, 1 3/4" and 1 7/8"):


Slave Thompson Instantly Added over an Inch (1.2 Lbs.) to His Ball Weights with the Omega Split Rings


You can see how the Omega Split is wider so it can ride higher. The other benefit of the Omega Split is that it can also be flipped up (just push your dick through) and worn as a cock ring. That way, if you get tired of the weight you can shift it to against your pubes--and you won't even notice the weight any more. Below is a customer wearing Omega Splits as both a cock ring and ball weight.


Dual Purpose: Omega Split Ring as Ball Stretcher or Cock Ring by gear essentials


No matter how much weight you are wearing you will find a lot of pleasure in having these classic rings of solid stainless steel wrapped around your nut sac.


Adding Weights = Adding Pleasure


The guy pictured above is stacking two ball stretchers plus a Titan .4 cock ring. The beauty of wearing a ball weight at the bottom of the mix is that you can wear just about anything above it. Wear your favorite cock ring--or two! The ball stretcher at the bottom keeps wider interior diameter rings from slipping off your balls. Find what you like and what feels good!  (When wearing cock rings in additional to split ring ball weights, it is easiest to put the cockrings on first—one ball at a time. This gets more difficult as you add gear because you have less ball sac "drop" to work with.)

I’ll admit I thought guys who wore chunks of metal around their balls were just wrong. Then I tried my first ball weight. My dick jumped to attention and I’ve never been the same! So why do I love ‘em?

  • Ball weights give an amazing twist and tug resulting in even more intense sexual pleasure. (I freely admit that I love the feeling of a ball weight—even as light as 8 ounces. It intensifies the experience and orgasm for me—to the point that I don’t want to have sex without it.)
  • The ball stretchers ‘play’ with your balls—leaving hands free to focus on other areas!
  • If you are looking for more mind-blowing sex this is the most important reason: ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting before you cum so that when you do, the weight causes cumming to be even more intense. We’ve heard from many customers saying that they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther because of their ball weights.
  • A lot of guys want a bigger ball sac. By regularly wearing a ball weight, you will stretch out your ball sac so you can hit the nude beach with pride! When your nads stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) size on between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft. It’s a great way to add weight.
  • As a bonus, the ball stretcher bounces off your partner during intercourse. You may not think you want to be repeatedly ‘tapped’ by 3 lbs. of solid metal but it provides repeated physical contact with your partner. Both of you feel each thrust punctuated with each swing of your balls. The ‘taint’ is a highly erogenous zone—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to disperse sexual energy throughout the body—instead of just focusing it around the genitals. Several of our customers say they won’t have intercourse without at least ball weight on anymore.


And the solid stainless steel construction is safe for your sensitive skin.

Stack on the weights—and stack on the pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos 1 & 2 by Jay Williams, Photo 3 submitted by customer.)



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