We received the following e-mail complete with the pictures below from a GearFan.      

He wrote, "I love the new cockring and I will right a glowing review soon.  Today is my birthday and the new cockring will be put to good use.  I may like the Master better than the Omega in some ways.  So choose!  And I think the look is rather complete, wouldn't you agree?"     

It looks like he is having a VERY happy birthday!    


Choices:  The Master C Ring by gear essentials


This is the daddy of cockrings and the name "Master" says it all: big, bold, assertive, and definitely up to the challenge. This solid stainless steel cock ring features a squarer design (with rounded edges for optimum comfort). The Master is available in brushed or mirrored finish.  This is gear essentials' third heaviest ring weighing it at 8 ounces (228 grams).

I was talking with a retailer a while back and he said that the Master is his 'go to' cockring.  It's got solid weight, hot attitude and he can wear it comfortably all day.


Triple-Ringed for a Totally "Complete" Look: The Omega, Titan .6 Glans Ring & 8 Oz. Ball Weight


The Omega Cock Ring

A lot of gear essentials customers tell us that they love the heft of our heavier cock rings.  One favorite is the Omega (pictured above in brushed finish).  This classic is our heaviest and weighs in at 11 ounces (312 grams).  Customers say it feels like a great big hug around the base of the dick.  These beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless rings really are works of art.  They are designed in the shape of a donut so they are blissfully smooth and won't pinch or rub you (or your partner) the wrong way. If you fuck, this ring will also add power to your thrust. We get e-mails every week from very satisfied partners!


The 8 Oz. Ball Weight

The magic of these hunky man-accessories is that they give an erotic tug and twist to your ball sac as you move throughout your day. Most days you will find me wearing my 8 ounce weight all day long—that’s why I smile so much! The 8 ounce size is a great choice for a first-timer. It's a bit easier to put on, has enough weight to give you the warm-glow sensations of a ball weight’s tugs and twists but it isn’t so heavy that you end up with ball fatigue after a couple of hours. The swing of this on the end of your ball sac can feel wild! It can also delay your orgasm slightly because the combination of weight and bandwidth prevent your balls from retracting prior to cumming—many report more intense ejaculations as well as more volume of cum. Some guys use this size to ‘stack’ onto another ball weight. This can be done to add more intensity or to just give your ball sac more stretch. (Plus it’s a great way to move up to the next size.)


The Titan .6 Glans Ring

The stud pictured above is strutting a Titan .6 glans ring on top of everything else. We know a cock ring keeps your dick thicker and fuller but the glans ring adds its own benefits as well. This baby weighs in at 1.5 ounces (43 grams) so it pulls the head of your dick down so more of your natural length is achieved. It also makes the head of your dick eye-popping bigger because blood is restricted within.  

We get a lot of raves for our glans rings. Buckeye, a long-time customer from Ohio, wrote:  "Amazing lil thing. I bought the 1 5/16". I have some girth to my cock so I was hesitant on this size. It fit me good. A little bit of work but nothing a little lube or spit cant handle. Make sure your in the flaccid state to get on. It gives me a semi hard erection all day, along with the full erections I get about what I want to do when I get home. Love the width and now wants the .9 width one. I would say well worth the money. Use this thing while stroking and u will get a unbelievable feeling during and after."

You will really feel this baby bob on the end of your knob. So if you want to feel your knob bob and get off on a bit of extra weight while moving throughout your day, take the Titan .6 head ring for a spin. And as Buckeye mentioned, don't forget the unbelievable feeling while stroking--before and after you cum--as well! 

Triple-ringed is a complete look. And it gives you the amazing combo-sensual sensation of engorged cock, head and ball tug with the ensuing delayed and prolonged ejaculation. Life sure is good!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photos by customer.)



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