A Mind-Blowing Valentine's - Put a Ring On it!


This Valentine's Day, remember that everything is better with a cock ring on it!     

Take your time with some slow, easy loving tonight! Your cock ring will help you go the distance and keep you harder and thicker for longer. Add a little romance on Valentine's night of all nights!     


Grab A Handful of Thick Dick in a Cock Ring tonight...


We know that sometimes it take a little cajoling to try something new in the bedroom and just telling you to “try it” won’t necessarily make you break your inhibitions.

But please hear us out. The reason why cock rings are one of the most popular sex enhancement products for men (and have been for decades) is because it works! Cock rings aren’t some sort of gimmick – this is the real deal.

What guy doesn’t want to stay harder for longer? Think about it. Whether you have problems keeping it up or you want to concentrate a little less on trying to keep it up, a cock ring is a tangible way of maintaining an erection by slowing blood flow from penile tissue.

Yeah, there are pills that you can take if you have a diagnosed medical condition; but if you are looking for a non-prescription; drug-free way to keep a hard on, then a cock ring is the way to go.

And besides, wouldn’t it be a great surprise to your partner to add a little something extra in the bedroom? If you are tired of having vanilla sex, introducing a cock ring into the bedroom is one of the best ways to add a little more excitement to your sex life.

Here at gear essentials, our goal is to make sex better. If you haven’t tried it with a penis ring, then you are missing out. We understand that you might be a little apprehensive at first when bringing something like a cock ring into the bedroom, but don’t worry, these are normal feelings. Though trust us when we say that caving in to that curiosity is only going to be beneficial to you in the end.

Much like the first time you had sex, you had feelings of doubt, worry and excitement – but you knew it was something that you were going to enjoy. The same thing is true when putting on a cock ring for the first time.

So go ahead, try it for Valentine's! Wearing a cockring might be that new thing that ignites a spark in your sex life--experience mind-blowing sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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That is the hottest pic I have seen on your blog! Thank you so much :P
This is what cockrings are made for ;-)

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