Love the Feel of the Hold Cockring - But What About a Key?


A few weeks ago we received the following e-mail and thought there might be others with the same question. Jaxon writes:  "I recently purchased The Hold cock and ball cage and noticed that it didn't come with the allen wrench. I've been tightening the screws with my fingers and since they're small, I didn't have one laying around that size. Do you know the size of that screw it tell me the size I'd the key that it requires?     

"The love the feel of this cockring! I've been wearing it every day since I got it and haven't gotten tired of it. Other than having to screw it on with my fingers!         

"Thank you for your help and a great product!"       


Loving the Feeling of the Hold Cock & Ball Cage + the NEW Titan .9 glans Ring


The overwhelming response to the Hold Cock & Ball Cage is love. (We feel it!)  But like anything new it can be confusing. Here's our response to Jaxon:

"Because the screw head isn't recessed our design team decided to keep it simple by not including an Allen wrench for it. They determined that hand-tightening is enough to get it snug and secure. However, it is a standard American size. Here are the specs:  Cap Screws; Head Type: Socket Cap; Drive Type: Hex Socket; Thread Size (Inch): 1/4-20; Length (Inch): 1/2; Material: Stainless Steel Hex Key Size (Inch)  3/16. (TMI?!)"

Wondering what the hell we're talking about?!


The Hold Cock & Ball Cage by gear essentials; Slightly Ajar...


The photo above will give you a sense of the screws that are used to secure the Hold. They are not recessed and the heads are textured so they are easy to manipulate.

You can also get a sense of how the Hold works. The larger half is put on first--like a typical cock ring. However, your balls are placed through the wide slot (shown here on the top of the piece). Then the outside half is carefully put into place. Make sure your balls are out of the way and the shaft of your dick is through the smaller outer hole. Then hand-tighten those screws and enjoy!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Hold Cock & Ball Cage:


(Photo by Jay Williams; Photo is NOT of Jaxon.) 




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