Tug-O-War: May the Best Man Win!


The weekend is upon us and this is a great time to hang out with friends and just have a good time.    

The guys pictured below are sure hanging! They are wearing a variety of rings, stretchers and weights. They share an intense bond--and are experiencing some tug-o-war!   

My dad always said that if you have the right tool any job is easier. We agree!   


Tug-O-War: The Right Tools Make the Job Easier! 


The key toy featured here is the Double Weight Leather Stretcher. This is a fun leather ball stretcher that will softly (as it wears in the leather will soften) stretch your ball sac with the added bonus of two straps that hang down so you can attach weights. You can use parachute weights (see below) but we've seen guys add leather boots (by the strings) or even a cinder block (I haven't done this). Or just attach a circle of friends!

The Double Weight Stretcher


We currently have a double weight leather stretcher by Spartacus on the website. The beauty of this is that it can easily be worn with your cock rings and even with another traditional metal ball weight.

Don't forget to add some weights:

Parachute Weights - Just Clip it on.


They are also keeping their dicks thicker and harder with their cock rings. These guys are wearing a 5-snap leather cock ring (great when you want a bit of support after you've already gotten hard), the Titan .4 stainless steel cock ring and the heavy-weight Master cockring. They will all leave you chubbed and your partner very happy.

Regardless of your choice, we hope that all the men in your tug-o-war circle win!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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