You'll Try it & You'll LIKE It!


We talk a lot about the bliss of prostate massage.    

I'm thinking the guy pictured below didn't get the memo!      

But then I realized that sometimes we have to be tied down in order to allow ourselves the freedom to let go of preconceptions and prejudice and just learn to enjoy it (yes, I speak from experience!) Our brains can be the biggest barrier to pleasure.  

I'm not saying you have to be tied up; but sometimes it's the only way to make a break-through. 

The P Spot (prostate) is located in a man's rectum behind the base of the penis. It is a center of male sexual pleasure like no other. When rubbed it initiates a sensation like the one you experience prior to orgasm. The more you rub it, the more intense it gets. If you want to know more, check out  The "P-Spot" does the "Trick" (just click this link) to learn more.


You'll Like it! With the Imperial C Ring from gear essentials


We often hear that guys think that only tops (the men doing the fucking) should wear cock rings because they are such a performance-enhancer.  But if you are a man who likes to bottom, a cock ring will make your dick more sensitive and chubbed too.  And bonus:  it keeps your balls up and out of the way.  The Imperial is designed in the shape of a flattened donut so it offers heft (6 ounces / 172 grams) while leaving plenty of room for intense action! Made in Minnesota (USA), the Imperial is available in the mirrored or brushed finish. Smooth and comfortable, this is a classic design.

A final word from a straight couple: "Ourfantasypage" from Florida wrote:  "My first purchase was the "Bolt". Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the look and the sensation of using a first class cock ring. We soon decided to upgrade to a heavier one. We chose the "Imperial". What a great decision! The feeling of having a heavier ring was a pleasant surprise. The best thing, though, is how much it turns on my girlfriend both visually and during sex."

You'll try it and you'll LIKE it!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Imperial Cock Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer.)





Hey, John! Great to hear from you!

We agree, male equipment is awesome!

Thanks for sharing about your brother. Cock Rings ARE a MALE thing! They feel great and totally kick it up a notch in the bedroom! We have a lot of women buying for their partners and straight men as customers—but it seems they are shy about sharing pics. Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks again, John! ENJOY! Jay



Hey, there is no sexuality bias to cockrings. They’re not a gay or straight thing, but a MALE thing. My brother is straight but wears a ring not only to kick it up a notch in the bedroom with his wife but to feel good all day. Having one’s junk thrust slightly forward is a huge confidence builder for any guy. We males have some awesome equipment and there is nothing wrong with a good bulge in our pants.

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