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I have traveling without my ball weight so yesterday I finally got a chance to put one on. It felt like a hug from a long-lost friend. I immediately chubbed up and knew it was good to be back! I was just wearing the smallest 8 ounce split ring but it felt so good to have that tug, twist and pull on my nuts. Later, while having sex, I had a non-stop boner. It felt so amazingly good. While fucking the swing and love tap of it on my partner just added to the sexual intensity. My ball stretcher felt so good in fact, that I didn't take it off until I went to bed last night. I forgot I had it on and jumped in the pool with it. (Oops!)           

I'm not alone in my love for my ball weights. John posted:  "I got my 16 ounce weight going into winter. I started with 20 mins a day and kept working my way up. In hot summer weather, I’m on Day 17 of continuous wear, taking it off only for half an hour a day to shower. It feels great and my nuts are hanging the way I’ve always wanted."          


Continuous Wear & Pleasure:  the 24 Oz. Ball Weight by gear essentials:  "It feels great...!"


The stretch, tug and twist really do feel great!  But that isn't the only reason I wear a ball stretcher.  Here are a few more reasons: 

  1. Ball stretchers feel awesome as they tug your scrotum and stretch out your ball sac. 
  2. A ball weight prevents your balls from retracting upwards when you reach orgasm--many find that this prolongs the feeling of orgasm and increases the intensity. Some guys enjoy more ejaculate than usual.
  3. In Tantric it is recommended that you stretch your balls manually (or use your ball weight) for several minutes a day for better sexual health and well-being. Your ball stretcher will do this for you.
  4. Sexual partners often like the rhythm of the weight banging against them when fucking--this provides another touch at a time when every nerve ending is hyper sensitive!
  5. When you have one (or more) on, your balls become more sensitive to every touch, stroke, tickle, lick, nipple or slap.  You may find yourself whimpering--just a little bit!
  6. Lastly, when you take it off, you experience another sort of sensation--hop in the shower, soap up and start playing and tugging.  You may find there is another bullet in your gun!

There are so many excellent reasons for wearing a ball weight--and anyone who owns one (or more) has their personal bias.  But if you want to enjoy an amazing ball weight boner, grab a ball stretcher and start enjoying the fun--and better sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  24 Oz. Ball Weight: 


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