Ball Stretchers: Moving Up to the Next Size


I have spent another pleasurable day wearing my ball weights. I never thought I would be one of those guys who wears a ball weight but I really love the feel. The first time I put one on I got a huge boner!  

I freely admit that I love a ball stretcher tugging and twisting my nuts as I wear it throughout the day. It gives me a constant chubby and it feels so good.    

I also put on a 24 ouncer for play. In fact I was able to upsize to the 24 ounce ball weight by stacking an 8 ounce and 16 ounce together. The 24 ounce weight was too difficult to wrap around my nuts (due to the 1 1/2" bandwidth of the weight) but by stacking, I was able to stretch to fit. That was a pretty fun day!   

Pictured below is a traditional ball weight with the new Omega Split Ring stacked on top. This is such a perfect combination. The Omega doubles as a cock ring OR ball weight (as shown). That way, if after wearing it for a while you find that it has gotten to be too much, just tuck the head of your dick through the Omega and you have an instant cock ring! When worn that way you won't even notice the weight.  

Michael from Tucson, Arizona writes:  "I received my Omega Split 1 7/8 today (with some other tantalizing goodies from your store). 

"I immediately put it on and wore it all day at work. Let me just say --- I LOVE THIS COCK RING!!!

"It's really comfortable - I hardly know I have it on ..... until I get up and walk around.

This is a heavier cock ring and I love how it pulls on "Junior & the Boys", making them swing around in my scrubs (Yes, I work in the medical field) while I walk. It sorta feels like some hot, hairy man has his hand in my pants, getting a good grope for himself. Hey - a guy's gotta fantasize - right! Again - I LOVE THIS COCK RING!!!

"I can hardly wait to get home to get into the other toys. It might have been a little inappropriate to stick a prostate toy in my back door while at work. Between the cock ring, the prostate toy & the Swiss Navy masturbation cream, I'm gonna have a good old time tonight."

We think Michael knows how to have a good time!


Moving Up to the Next Size: Stacking the Omega Split Ring


The Omega Split Ring is the perfect tool to add weight to your ball sac (this is how you get more length to your sac). Rider2102 from Toronto, Canada has been stretching his balls for the past five years.  He writes: "I have the complete set of ball weights right up to the big 32 oz model and I like them all. I started stretching my Balls about 5 years ago and have always used the Gear Essential product for as long as I can remember. Getting the first ball weight on is always a challenge but once you have done this you can easily graduate to the size you like the best. My advice, do not be afraid to experiment sometimes it takes a while to graduate from size to size, the first time I tried the 32 oz it did not go well, but persistence paid off. These are ball weights you will have for decades."

The Omega can help you stretch faster because it fits where a traditional ball weight will not. Often where your ball sac meets your pubes and dick things flare out so stacking a traditional 8 ounce ball weight on top of your existing ball stretcher(s) is not easy.

That's where the new Omega Split Ring comes in. It can easily be added--the beauty of the split ring is that it can be used for a cock ring (easy to open in case you are afraid of getting stuck in your metal cockring with a hard-on!) But it is really designed for stacking.  It comes in two widths (both wider than our traditional ball weights):  1 3/4" and 1 7/8".  This makes them perfect for stacking on top of an existing ball weight.  In addition, its shape is perfectly round like a donut--so it perfectly fits that bit of your naughty bits that starts to flare.

The Omega Split Ring is slightly over 11 ounces (312 grams) so you can get more 'weight per inch' with it as well (the bandwidth is .6 inches / 15.24 mm wide). 

We make all of our solid stainless steel ball weights right here in Minnesota, USA--so you know they are good! You will enjoy the twist, tug and pull of a ball stretcher--and that big ball sac!

 gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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