For a Better Hump, Double-Ring!


It's another happy HUMP Day! And the way to make it even better is to double-ring with a cock ring and ball stretcher.       

I have worn a cock ring for most of my adult life (and managed to concoct ways to wrap things around the base of my dick even before I knew that cock rings existed!) I love the feeling and I love what it does for my sensitivity and erection. But I have really learned to love double-ringing. When I am getting ready to have sex, the SECOND item I make sure I am wearing is a ball stretcher. The pull, tug and twist on my nads is intensely erotic during love-making and my erections get even stronger and last longer. It could just be my personal little fetish but I totally get off on the feeling of my balls being tugged away from my body while my package is wrapped up in a tight metal band. And did I mention the delayed and intensified orgasms?!      

I think the expectant stud in the second picture agrees with me. He is sporting the light-weight Plunge cock ring, 8 ounce brushed ball stretcher and the new Omega Split Ring convertible ball weight / cock ring on top of that. It's a winning combination because it looks and feels great! And it will ratchet up his performance. 

Since it is hard to see that Plunge between his legs, we are sharing Brian's pic below. Brian wrote:  "Love the combinatio​n of these two and my cock. It is an all day sexy feel. The rest of the set is in my archives on tumblr at whatcolora​reyouweari​ng you guys keep the front of my pants looking great!!!. . . . . Brian (and you don't need to change my name. . Im PROUD to reccommend your gear!)" 


For a Better Hump: The Plunge C Ring & Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials


Super light-weight and comfortable, the Plunge (and its big brother the Total Plunge penis ring) is part of the ROBO aluminum line.  Customers tell us they love the light-weight feeling and new exaggerated comfort-fit interior.  The Plunge is .6 inches (15 mm) wide [the Total Plunge is nearly an inch (.9" wide)].  The light-weight aluminum is solid so there is no coating to pit or wear off. The Plunge does everything a cock ring should do yet is so comfortable that you forget you even have it on!  It's great for work-all-day / play-all-night wear. The styling is understated and beautiful.

Another Brian (from Oregon) commented: "Oustanding! Super easy to get on and once there it just fits so snug that I forget that its on- that is until I see someone that gets things "going" and then the gentle tug reminds me that its there! Used a couple of other cock rings over the years and this one is by far the best one I've found!"


A Better Hump, Baby! Plunge C Ring, 8 Oz. Ball Weight & Omega Split Ring


Nothing feels hotter than a solid cock ring and a metal ball weight (split ring) tugging at your balls. The 8 oz. ball weight also provides an erotic pull on his ball sac. It makes sex better for both his partner and him. It even turns a simple every day act like strolling down the street into an erotic experience.

Bob, a pumper, agrees: "I just received my new l6 oz ball weight. It is a little difficult to get on, but the sensation is great. Also, with weight in place I used my penis pump, Unbelieveable. The pull on the balls with a large hard cock really feels good, the pump pulls the balls tight against the ball weight."

The stud pictured above is wearing two ball weights in addition to his Plunge penis ring. His 8 oz. (23 kg) ball weight is 1/2" wide. This entry-level weight will brings pleasure with every step and thrust!  The tug teases the nerve endings and leads to even more powerful orgasms.  The weight restricts his balls from retracting so his orgasms are delayed and longer. When fucking, his partner will get an extra erotic charge as it bounces against his or her taint. 

He has decided to go for even more weight with the Omega Split Ring stacked on top. This is a great option--the Omega converts from cock ring to ball stretcher. Because of its perfect donut-shape it flares where your anatomy does so you can wear more weight on your balls. Not only does this give more intense pleasure, it also helps stretch your ball sac if you want your balls to be low hangers.


Double-Duty:  32 Oz. Ball Weight + the Omega Split Ring


The photo above (of Slave Thompson) shows him wearing a 32 ounce brushed finish stainless steel ball weight with the Omega Split Ring (1-3/4") on top.  It's much easier to put the Omega Split Ring on rather than another flat ball stretcher because the interior diameter is wider and the cut of the Omega allows for our 'junque' to flare out.  

So improve your hump day by double- (or triple-) ringing. You and your partner will be glad you did.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo 1 by whatcolora​reyouweari​ng on Tumblr. Picture 2 submitted by customer. Picture 3 is of Slave Thompson by Jay Williams.)



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