Our Favorite Fireman in the SurgeBLACK Glans Ring


You may recognize the hard dick in these pictures--he has been featured on this blog several times before. This hot fireman is a favorite of ours at every International Mr. Leather (IML). When last seen he was sporting the Grinder cock ring and the Surge Glans ring. Here he is wearing his Grinder with the SurgeBLACK glans ring.  


Our Favorite Fireman: Sporting the Grinder C Ring & SurgeBLACK Glans Ring by gear essentials

The SurgeBLACK Glans Ring

The SurgeBLACK rings are constructed of high-quality medical grade plastic. This is a very firm material (with just a bit of internal give) that is so safe it's used in medical equipment surgically inserted into the human body. We're not going to do that but we did figure that this would be safe enough on our precious bits!

The smoothly concave shape of this ring makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring. The glans ring makes your dickhead get even bigger! The SurgeBLACK glans rings are very aesthetically pleasing so they are great anywhere you want to strut your stuff--showers at the gym, the nude beach or a special night. They are hot—and make YOU look hot. This Glans ring fits perfectly beneath the corona of your penis and is unlike anything we have seen. Wider than the average glans ring (1/2 inch / 13 mm wide) it features our new corona fit (the interior rim is squared to help prevent the ring from slipping off). You will enjoy the look--and feel!


Our Favorite Fireman: Sporting the Grinder C Ring & SurgeBLACK Glans Ring by gear essentials

The Grinder Cock Ring

The solid stainless steel Grinder cock ring has a nice weight to it. It is designed to resemble al washer--you just need to provide the bolt! It makes an excellent addition to any tool! Like all of gear essentials' cockrings it keeps the blood flow restricted in your prick so you stay thicker, longer and harder (if you need an example, take another look at these photos!) This ring that will last a long, long time--and you will too! Whether male or female--your partner will enjoy going the distance with you. Go ahead, try it--and the next time you bust a nut you will experience an explosion of fabulous sensation! 

This combination is smoking hot and will generate some serious heat in your bedroom! Pop it on your hose to create a little fire!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 




(Photos by Jay Williams.



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