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We love the happy e-mails. It gives us a lot of pleasure to know that gear essentials' gear is bringing you a lot of pleasure!

The other day Ethan wrote:  "The [Omega] cockring is amazing and the size was perfect. I have to say it's a beautiful piece of craftsman ship. Not only does it feel great, it looks great. I am so happy I decided to get the one with a lot of weight. Just wow. As a final note, my fiance may love it more than me. Reason being, when we got the package, she tore open the box and was licking her lips when she got it in her hands, "I can't wait to have sex with this.""

And you have to love it when new gear initiates sex! (When momma's happy, everybody's happy!)


"I Can't Wait to Have Sex with This!" the Omega C Ring by gear essentials.


This hot donut-shaped ring hugs your dick. Beautifully crafted and finished in solid stainless steel, this is truly a work of art that will accent your family jewels. Those on the receiving end of a fuck particularly like the Omega cock ring. As gear essentials' heaviest ring (11 ounces / 312 grams) it will give your thrust added power. You will also pump up your tool with the Omega cock ring for a thicker, longer and harder dick.  Give a fuck that will never be forgotten!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Omega Cock Ring:  


(Photo submitted by customer; Ethan is not pictured.) 


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A cockring can be a great gateway to other sex play. It is functional, delivers results but it can also be that trigger to mixing it up and keeping things fun and fresh. I never thought being paddled would be in my sexual repertoire but I like it. I never thought chaining my partner to a sling would be in the works, but it’s fun. Being asked, “Which cockring are you wearing today?” leads to “Check and find out.” Sex should be a fun adventure which evolves and grows with experimentation and a good cockring is a great place to start the conversation and the fun.

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