Advice for High, Tight & Bigger-Than-Average Balls


The other day I was e-mailing with a man who is new to ball weights. Not only is his ball sac high and tight but they are bigger than average. What to do?

He writes:  "I do have a second question about ball stretchers and weights.  I am interested in this as well but my balls seem to set up close to my cock and there does not seem to be much room for a ball ring to fit between my balls and the base of my cock.  In addition, while I don't think I have a big ball sack, it does seem to be bigger than most of the measurements your products seem to offer.  Any thoughts on this?"

Those of you who have worn ball stretchers are probably smiling on this one. We all have been there. You don't really understand something until you slip it on. And then it's like that cartoon light bulb over your heads pops on.

My response:  Regarding the ball weight, the reason we go with the diameters we do is that it has to fit above your balls. 

Here is a picture of the concept (although this guy is not high and tight). The weight only has to fit the amount of sac that he has grabbed above his balls.


How a Ball Weight Fits:  Above the Balls


If the interior diameter of the ball stretcher gets too wide one of the balls always seems to pop up and through—then it’s going to fall right off. That is never pleasant.


Putting on a Ball Weight

Here are some pictures of a buddy of ours putting on his ball weight for the first time.


Cock Ringed (He's Wearing the Plunge) but No Ball Weight--Yet. This is His Ball Sac When Relaxed


You will need to have just a bit of give to your sac. You can see that our buddy has a bit of drop--but not a lot. It's a proportion that probably looks familiar to many of you.

If you are really high and tight you are going to have to work a bit to get the ball weight on. The absolute best time to put it on is when you get out of a hot shower. What happens is that your body is trying to keep your sperm at a lower temperature as your body heats up from the hot water so it drops your testicles to maintain a comfortable temp. THAT is the time to slip on a ball weight!


Getting Ready: Unscrewing the Ball Weight (Our Bud on the Left is Wearing the SurgeBLACK)


Putting on your ball weight may feel like trying to write with the wrong hand until you get the hang of it. When I first started wearing one I thought I would never wear it on regular basis--it was such a pain to put on. But now it takes about 20 seconds for me to get it on.

I will add that it is smart to start with the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth, gear essentials’ narrowest band width) though. That is by far the easiest size to learn on. It is also a basic—not only is it the easiest to master, but you will always find a use for it. If you are like me, this has become my default weight for wearing all day. I love the tug and twist and it doesn’t fatigue my balls. It is also a great size to help you move UP to the next size. When I went from the 16 ounce to the 24 ounce, I started the process by putting the 8 ounce on top of my already secured 16 ounce. It was a great way to grow to the next level.


Leave the Screw Secured so the Split Ring Can Swivel--it's Easier to Put On (He's Wearing a Surge)


Lay down on your bed or a couch with your head slightly inclined so you can see your genitals. Place the side of the ball weight with the Allen screw on your right side if you are right-handed (left side if you are left-handed). The screw should be on the side of your dominant hand. Tighten the screw enough to keep the two halves together but swing it wide open. You are going to use this as a hinge point. Place one half of the ball weight under your balls. The top half is wide open. With your less dominant hand, make a circle with your pointer finger and thumb and pull your balls away from your body. If you have a lot of ball sack, twist slightly to narrow them up. The goal is to get them inside the ball weight.

With your dominant hand, swing the open half of the ball weight over your balls and line up the male and female parts together. It should still be loose at this point. Your balls should be through the weight--but probably still 'slopping' over and just waiting to be pinched. Tighten the Allen screw a bit more--so the two halves don't slip apart. Now that the two halves are loosely together, tug on your balls again and use a finger to sweep extra skin out of the joint--squeeze the two halves together firmly with your other hand. NOW screw it all the way shut.


Now It's On! The PISTON Ball Weight Rests Right On Top of Your Testicles


If you are questioning sizing, you can try putting a stretchy cock ring on (see the picture of the super-sized balls below). What size fits comfortably? When putting your balls through a solid, rigid ring is to do it one ball at a time (start with your lower ball--it's easier). This is exactly like the first step of putting on a cock ring. Again, do it after getting out of a hot shower. This may be tough because there is no way to open a solid ring completely up. The beauty of the ball weight is that it is in two halves so you don’t have to fit your balls through—just lay your sac over one half and then secure the other half on top.


Can we Fit All Balls?

GETTING HUGE: A Pumped Ball Sac


I have done a lot of ball weight fittings and I can fit 99 guys out of 100. The only times I run into trouble is if someone is a ball pumper, injects with silicone or there is a lot of belly fat (which shrinks the amount of ‘real estate’ we have to work with). Otherwise we have been able to fit everyone else in.

If all else fails, there is still the option of wearing the Omega Split Ring. This comes in two interior diameters (1 3/4 or 1 7/8"). We love them for stacking on top of traditional ball weights (see below) to increase the weight and stretch faster. But we have met a big boy or two who has worn them as a ball weight.


The Omega Split Ring Stacked on Top of a Traditional 8 Oz. Ball Weight from gear essentials


There are a lot of reasons for wearing a ball weight. For more information on that, click here:  Ball Weights: What's the Big, Long, Intense Deal?

We all have our own reasons for loving them--but don't let the size of your balls discourage you! It's worth the effort!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo 1 & 6 submitted by customers; the balance are by Jay Williams.)





Hey, Brian—My balls are a little too big for most magnetic ball weights too. I will just get everything tucked in and then they pop off. (When they fall on my bare feet it is not cool.) I have found much more success with the kind shown here. They screw together with an Allen wrench. Granted, when you want to get out you have to have the wrench handy but I’ve never had mine pop off during play (or working out or just moving around the office) like I have with a magnetic.You can find a lot of pleasure with a traditional split ball weight. ENJOY! Jay



Hi. I CANNOT GET INTO my magnetic weight!!! I just found this article… do you think I might do better with a fixed screw weight?

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