24 Ounce Ball Stretcher:


The stud pictured below has some of the lowest hanging balls I've ever seen. If he enjoyed more weight, he could triple the number of ball stretchers on his nads. His sexy 24 ounce ball stretcher is bobbing as his ball sac swings. He is enjoying the intense pleasure--there is nothing like the tug, twist and pull on your low-hangers when you wear your ball weights. 

But don't take my word for it. Steve from Arizona wrote, "Started with the 16 oz. and love it. Moved up to the 24oz and I love the extra weight. Would definitely recommend this product, in my book the heavier the better. The only reason I didn't opt for the 32oz is that the stretch might be a little too extreme for now. It definitely does what most reviews have mentioned, tugs on the balls and keeps them down low for a mind blowing orgasm. Not sure on the inside diameter, I opted for the 1.5", I wonder what the tighter diameter would feel like. The 1.5" is plenty tight and definitely not slipping off my balls.

"If you are on the fence with the ball weights, get off it! You will get off more intensely with a weight strapped on your balls, I think Jay could probably guaranty it:) One last thing, I think the orgasms are more intense with the 24oz vs. the 16oz due to the stretch keeping my balls lower. Love my ball weights!"

You'll love the weight and intense orgasms too!

24 Ounce Ball Stretcher:  "I think the orgasms are more intense"


The pleasure is incredibly intense! You will be happier with your nads bobbing, unleashing streams of cum and finding pleasure with a hunk of steel hanging on your balls. Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you'll enjoy having ball stretchers on the family jewels:

  • Ball weights give an erotic twist and tug to your nads which bring even more intense sexual pleasure. A ball weight intensifies the experience and orgasm—to the point where you won’t want to have sex without it.
  • More mind-blowing sex. Ball weights prevent your balls from retracting before you cum so that when you do, the weight around your balls makes ejaculation even more intense. A number of customers have said that they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther as a result of their ball weights.
  • A bigger ball sac. Not everyone wants lower hanging balls, but if you do, when you regularly wear a ball weight your ball sac stretches out. When you stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) size or Omega Split Ring between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft. It’s a great way to add weight and add to your ball sac drop. (If you don't want to stretch out, just stick with the smallest ball weight. This will still give you the pleasure without a lot of weight.)
  • Ball weights ‘play’ with your balls so your hands are free to explore other things!
  • On 'roids? Keep what you've got:  On testosterone? Unfortunately, one of the side effects of taking testosterone is that it shrinks your balls. Wear a ball stretcher and keep what you've got!
  • Pleasure your partner: during intercourse your ball stretcher will bounce off your partner’s taint. You may not think you want to be repeatedly ‘tapped’ by 3.5 lbs. of solid metal but it provides another repeated physical contact with your partner. Both of you will feel each thrust punctuated with each swing of your balls. The taint is a highly erogenous zone—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to disperse sexual energy throughout the body—instead of just focusing it around the genitals. 

Discover the pleasure of the tug, twist and pull of ball weights on your ball sac. You'll find that your orgasms are more intense too!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

WHERE TO FIND IT:   24 Oz. Ball Weight: https://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-24oz   


(Photo submitted by customer. Steve is not pictured.)


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Love this! Although not this stretched my wife loves the way the weights slam against her sensitive bits to enhance her overall pleasure! When she closes her eyes she loves to fantasize she’s with a real stud! ;-)

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