24 Oz Ball Weight and Titan .2 Glans Ring:


It was leg day for me at the gym today. There is nothing like doing squats with 1.5 lbs. / .68 kilos swinging between your legs. I then finished up with an hour on the elliptical. By the time I stepped off, I was keyed up, horned and ready to blow a huge load! 

Am I just a kinky fucker? Maybe, but I would never have identified myself that way. I grew up in a straight-laced family. Looking back I realize that I loved wrapping a fabric belt around my cock and balls. I love the stretch and pump on my dick. At my first IML (International Mr. Leather) I put on an 8 ounce ball weight and my dick immediately popped up with a massive hard-on.

Yes, I like it. 

The stud pictured below is also wearing the 24 ounce ball stretcher. Can you imagine the swing he gets with those low hanging balls? It's an amazing feeling as the solid stainless ball stretchers tug, twist and pull on your balls. 

Frederick from Mississippi wrote:  "I explode with massive amounts of jizz when I wear my ball weight. The feeling is almost overwhelming & your right about the delayed orgasm. The heat just builds & builds. Its almost more than I can stand but I want more!"

You'll want more too!

Buckeye from the Midwest adds:  "I recently wore my Omega split ball weight, my 8 oz ball weight, and 24 oz ball weight to = 42-43 oz of stretching magic! I wore these babies and stretched my balls for 2 days. All the thigh slapping, hanging and stretching reached the max! I needed to shoot a load, so I stroked my cock vigorously and my stretched out balls with the weights on flopped powerfully.........ahhhhhh magic as I like to call it. My chest was all wet with cum. I couldn't stop cumming. 4 more hours of leaking cum thereafter and I had a huge wet spot on my shorts (And supporting a big smile)."


24 Oz. Weight & Titan .2 Head Ring: "The feeling is almost overwhelming"


The pleasure of a ball weight is already intense. But add a glans ring and you take it to a whole new level.

He's also wearing a Titan .2 glans ring. I love the sensation of a glans ring rubbing and teasing the sensitive nerve-endings just below the head of my dick. Every step is like a mini-hand job! 

Head rings weigh your cock down when you're flaccid. A lot of nudists love these babies--not only do they show off your individuality (it's nice to be remembered) but when walking nude it keeps your dick hanging low--so you can show the world your potential!

In addition, the weight of these rings tickles the sensitive nerve-endings below your corona. As mentioned above, many guys refer to this as the 'mini hand job in your pants' as you move through your day.

When your rod gets hard you will be amazed at how big the head of your dick gets! It's HUGE! And the sensitivity is intense too. You will experience some really mind-blowing sex.

Bob from Arizona wrote:  "I have really enjoyed over the past 2 years of getting "into" (rather be getting off) with a glans ring. I love the amazing sensation the head of my cock has with a glans ring on. As my cock head brushes against my slacks, jeans, shorts, or jock strap...Makes me get a sensation that sends erotic sensations from the head of my cock to my ass.

"If you have not tried these wonderful rings, get a multi set so you can try different widths as each one tends to give you different sensations depending on how sensitive your cock can be."

Take it to the next level with a ball weight and glans ring. "The feeling is almost overwhelming."

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Buckeye and Bob are not pictured.)   



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