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John, a longtime friend of gear essentials, posted this comment on yesterday's blog. I've really grown to appreciate John's wisdom and insight (I've learned a lot from this man!)  Here is what he has to say:

"I had the same situation when I got into ball weights. My balls were high and tight, especially in cold weather. I could not wear my 16oz ball weight very long. I opted for a rubber ball stretcher which could adapt to the size and shape of my scrotum. I started with a 1" model and wore it A LOT. When it became so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it (about 2 months) I moved up to a 2" model and wore it all the time. The gentle tension helped me stretch and then I was able to wear my ball weight comfortably and enjoy the feeling of the weight and my nuts swinging in my pants or shorts. A year on, I wear my ball weight day and night, removing it to shower. I coated the soft steel pin with an automotive lacquer to kelp rust-proof it and that’s working. There is nothing like the feeling of having a pound of steel pulling on me all day unless it’s the new sensations I get when I fuck and yeah, this brings a whole new set of sensations to fucking."


A Whole New Sensation: The 16 Oz. & 24 Oz. Ball Weights from gear essentials


I appreciate how John shared his ball sac stretching journey. And John's right, ball weights bring an entirely new sensation to fucking--and to life! I wear an 8 ounce almost all the time. (And when I crave more I stack a few more on!) It's enough weight to get the tug, twist and pull that I enjoy but not so much that I experience ball fatigue! When having sex I'll upsize to a larger size. The pleasure is immediate and intense. I even find that my erections are stronger with a ball weight on. (This has nothing to do with physiology--it's all about the mind!)

Whatever your reason, intense sexual pleasure is yours--just put a ring on it!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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