Ball Stretchers:  Double Ring or Stacking More?

We got the following review from Mark. He's pretty excited about the new Omega Split Ring--it doubles as a cock ring and a ball stretcher.

"Love having a local company make great and unique products. My husband and I have a few of your cock rings and weights. I love this cockring/ball weight combo! We also have the regular omega cockring (one brushed and one mirror) and they are awesome! The weight feels great and fits well too! Thank you again!"

What is the Omega Split Ring? Is it a cock ring? Is it a ball weight? It's both!   

Last winter a clever customer told us that he stacks his cock rings on top of his ball weight.  (This we had heard before.)  But then he added that if the weight of the stacked metal got too heavy for his ball sac he just slid the head of his prick through the cockring to wear it against his pubes. This takes the weight away.

The Omega Split Rings works so well as a ball weight when stacked because it is wider to fit our widening junque above the ball weight.  If you don't have enough 'drop' to your ball sac you don't need to worry.  The Omega Split Ring will help you feel the pleasure AND stretch faster. If it gets too heavy, just pop the head of your dick through and wear it as a cock ring.

Double Ring or Stacking? The Omega Split Ring & 16 Oz. Traditional Ball Weight

The big-balled stud above (not Mark) is wearing the Omega Split Ring as a cock ring (wearing a cock ring and ball stretcher is known as double ringing). But he also has room to slide the head of his dick through it to stack another 9.2 ounces (259 grams) on his balls. The stretch is amazing and totally adds to his sexual pleasure.

When worn as a cockring, if you are nervous about getting trapped in your rigid ring, forget about it! Just unscrew it and you are free.

Double ring or stack--either way you win!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)


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